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How To Build A Bankable Brand Like Toke Makinwa

Toke MakinwaToke Makinwa is one lady you just can’t ignore! Her drive is very fierce. If you are a Nigerian and you are online then you must have heard about Mrs Toke Makinwa Ayida. Some people love her others hate her but to each her own.

I respect the womans hustle! Toke Makinwa keeps flying high regardless of the negativity spewed at her;shes like a basket ball,as long as you hit it,it just goes higher,you gotta respect a person like that.

Toke Makinwa is a ‘Brand’. As a person you might have different opinions about the ‘woman’ but as a brand she is phenomenal. That means that Toke the ‘woman’ and her team(I don’t know if she has one) is definitely doing something right! Else reputable organizations like Nestle,EbonyLife TV and Payporte to mention a few won’t be associated with Toke the ‘Brand’. These Endorsements are not mai mai kind of endorsements. ‘Twale madam Ayida’

Here’s how to build a bankable brand like this phenomenal woman:


Toke MakinwaRobert Kiyosaki says ‘Rich people create networks,every other person looks for a job’

Toke is referred to by some naughty people online as ‘Toke Makinwa MTN….Everywhere you go!’ The reason for this tag is because Toke the ‘brand’ is seen in almost every event. Why this irritates most people I believe it is one of the reasons Toke the brand is selling.

What most people don’t realize is that she doesn’t attend these events for the sake of attending events or just for the sake of being in the public eye. I believe its a business strategy. The madam is in the entertainment industry and so it is important for her to attend such events and actually be visible to those that matter.



Like I mentioned earlier, I believe Toke Makinwa has a team. If she does thumbs up to them. Her videos are always well done,you would know that its not shot with tablets like some people I know :-)

Anyways, Toke’s production team does a great job. Her stylists, makeup artistes, Video Editors and the other team members do a wonderful job for Toke’s Brand! Now this speaks volumes and these things don’t come cheap. So like my granny would say ‘obe to dun owo lo pa’ (Meaning very tasty soup costs money)* side eye to anyone who laughs at my Yoruba*


Toke Makinwa  Toke Makinwa

That’s one word that keeps coming to me whenever I think about Toke The Brand

The first time I heard about Toke ‘the woman’ it was on a popular gossip site and it was very negative, I don’t know her personally so I moved on but then the name ‘TOKE MAKINWA’ became very popular online and every time I would see a post about her it created serious buzz infamously and I really felt for her. Then I read she was starting her own blog ha!

I’m like this woman doesn’t give up o, if it was someone else they would just go under and leave the scene. Next thing I know she starts her Vlog while pessimists talk about why nobody would watch her videos, YouTube stats show otherwise. I could go on and on but the summary of the matter is Toke the woman turned a bad situation into a Multi-million naira situation *High five Madam Toke*


Toke MakinwaWhether you hate or love Toke Makinwa you have to acknowledge the fact that she is a hard-worker. Success never comes by wishes alone but by lots of hard and smart work. I would also comment on the fact that Mrs Ayida has staying power, she kept on pushing her brand and her business despite the harsh and most times ridiculous comments about her.*singing Godwin*


It’s no secret that Toke Makinwa is an On Air Personality (OAP),so even before becoming an ‘online celebrity’ she was already known within the ‘industry’. Having great understanding of the industry, she was able to syndicate her content effectively thus becoming very valuable to advertisers. In essence she leveraged her understanding of the media to push her brand.

Also Toke Makinwa was able to leverage the negative publicity she got from blogs to her advantage. Seriously then whenever a post was written about Toke Makinwa, the traffic to that site would spike upwards! That’s a lot of power guys, so madam Toke was smart enough to leverage the fact that people hated her. Who’s got the last laugh now? but hope you get my point though?

So that’s how you can build a bankable brand like Toke Makinwa.

A Quick Question?  Did I miss other qualities about Toke Makinwa? Please Share

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