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Top 10 Tips on Hiring The Right Staff for Your Small Business

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As a small or medium scale business owner, there may be situations where you will need an extra hand at work. You may also decide to recruit people if you need a certain expertise e.g. recruiting an IT staff.

Sourcing for an external HR specialist is an added advantage, as he/she will have more experience, you are also fine if you have an internal HR responsible, but however the final decision boils down to you as business owner, whatever you think can work. Remember to be smart to put your finance into consideration. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth and successful hiring process

  1. Ensure Conformity with Government regulations

Before hiring or publishing a job description, ensure you check with the government of your country to ensure you are not doing anything contrary to the regulations. Seeking the advice of your mentors, accountants, lawyers can also help significantly.

  1. Job Analysis and Job Description

After all other requirements have been met, next is preparing a job description. Prospective interviewees should be able to have a clear picture of what the job will entail simply by going through the Job description. You need to blow your brand’s trumpet well as most of these applicants go through a lot of job applications daily. Creating a lasting impression should really be taken into consideration.

  1. Spread your clothes where the sun shines

The next thing to do is to publish the job opening. You need to ensure it is published in the right places where your potential job applicant would be whether physical or virtual. Where your job gets published would also tell a lot about your brand. SpreadMediaNg.com/smejobs for example is a great platform to publish your job openings.

  1. Do a pre-interview assessment

It is always wise to assess your interviewees before inviting them for a physical interview. This will give you a safe landing. It will also let you gauge if the candidate is really interested in the position.  This can be done via a phone call.  How would you feel if you invite someone who cannot speak good English over? It gets worse when you have externals on your interview panel

  1. Ask the right interview questions


Interviews are meant to pursue certain objectives. Ensure every question asked are aiming towards achieving this objective. As much as you are trying to ensure everything is strictly business and about the job offer, do ensure you keep the interviewee relaxed so he/she can give in his/her best.  You should also let the candidates know the challenges they may face on the job, let them also know some basic things about your brand. If the candidate was brought in through a referral, you should really ensure you are not biased, one of the greatest mistake in business is recruiting someone based on family, friend or relative influence. Keep business straight. Your business is a separate legal entity and you should act in its own best interest. It is important to remember to give your candidates the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview.

  1. Know the candidate

After spending some time with the candidate, you would be able to ascertain whether you are in a position to impress the candidate or the candidate is in this position. You may be shocked some candidates may appear over-qualified for the job. In this scenario, if you really want the candidate, you should really start pitching to them on why they should choose to work with you instead of another company but do not appear desperate. You know game has really changed in this situation? You are now the interviewee J, if it’s the other stroke, give the candidate an enabling environment to express himself/herself that he/she is worthy of the role.

  1. Do not settle for less

If you are still not satisfied with the candidates you have screened, do not settle for the next best candidate. The right candidate is out there, this just means you have to conduct more interviews till you have been able to come across the best fit for the job.

  1. Bring them on-board

After successfully screening the candidates and deciding which one to place on the job, it is always safer to place them on a trial period before granting them a full time employment, by this way, you would be able to assess whether such employees are the best fit for the job position.

  1. Evaluate their performance

Check these employees to see if they have been able to meet some certain goals and targets set in their job description. This would help you decide whether to place them on a full time role or relieve them.

  1. Carry them along

Recruitment does not end after interviews. The new employees have to be incorporated into the company cultures, both formal and informal. They should have a sense of belonging to a team set out to achieve great exploits. Your HR responsible should also ensure adequate provisions are made to ensure their optimal job satisfaction.

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