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Strike The Anvil, Entrepreneurship Web Series Premieres

So many individuals have business ideas but don’t know how to go about pursuing and monetizing them. Some believe their idea is the next big thing, but lack the required capital or drive to set up the business. Truth is, any entrepreneurial venture is not a child’s play. It takes a lot of willpower and determination to see one’s business grow to fruition. Strike the anvil Web Series brings this to the spotlight.

Mofolusade SonaikeFor starters, Strike the anvil is an exciting web series centered around the tales of aspiring and established entrepreneurs in pursuit of their entrepreneurial dreams. Strike the anvil is a registered trademark of Mofolusade Sonaike, an entrepreneurship advocate, mom-prenuer, OAP and gifts consultant.

According to her:Strike the anvil is a web series that not only instructs, empowers, but also entertains the viewer. Its focused on the lives of entrepreneurs who make various choices in the pursuit of their business concerns. Its the first of its kind and will definitely help viewers experience entrepreneurship.

 You can join the Strike the anvil movement by following these social media platforms:

Twitter: @strikedanvil

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Strikedanvil

Youtube: Strikedanvil

Here is the first video from the Series.

Listen to the theme song by Banke and Dayoslides here….. www.hulkshare.com/mofolusade/aud-20150427-wa0000

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