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A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. It’s like buying rent for your Business name online.

There are alot of companies who offer such webhostng services with different package and we are one of such companies. With our US-based servers we provide reliable and secure Webhosting service with our US-based servers which provide 99% uptime. We offer affordable and comprehensive Webhosting plans which suits whatever category your business falls into.

We have affordable plans which are comprehensive

You will however be required to register a domain name if you don’t have one.

We also offer Hosting Transfer Services……Are you coming from a bad Host,we’ll help transfer your Hosting needs to us. We offer 24/7 Customer Service Support with our dedicated and qualified IT Support Professionals.


No matter how small your Business is,its BEST to be really professional about it,because Customers are very aware of your Competitors.Using free Email Accounts (e.g @yahoo.com,@gmail.com,@hotmail.com,@rocketmail.com) as contact details for your business won’t build your Corporate Identity.

Having your personalised business online identy (e.g www.yourbusinessname.com and sales@yourbusinessname.com or enquiries@yourbusinessname.com or biodun@yourbusinessname.com for your staffs ) is Recommended. Look and Be Professional Always.

Spread Media provides a 3 in 1 Hosting Package that helps you and your Business build your Brand online.

It’s our Christmas Package to extend our hands to small businesses who seek to build their Brand online and don’t have a clue on how to start.Our 3 in 1 Email Package includes Domain Name (www.yourbizname.com) + Email Accounts (20 or more) + Email Hosting (All valid for a year,Renewals are also available)

It is fast, reliable, flexible,secure and fully supported with experienced customer service. It’s perfect if you want your own personalised or corporate identity online. You can also set up your email addresses on your mobile phone for easy access.

Other features include:
Unlimited Autoresponders
Email Forwarders
Calendars, Addressbooks, Antivirus Protection and other features that are included

To Get Started: EMAIL:webs@spreadmediang.com or CALL: 0810 380 2890

GET your Mail Hosting package today and start communicating with your e-mail facilities within 24hours after payment