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Why The Rich Keep Getting Richer!

Welcome to the second post in #‎GoodMoneySeries on The Spread Media Business Blog. I am Coach Chudi and I will be sharing informative posts on The Personal Finance, Savings and Investment Section on The Spread Media Business Blog. If you missed my previous post, here it is “How to Win the War Against Financial Poverty”
Do you ever wonder why the Rich keep getting richer and the poor remain the same way. My Post will would make you understand what lies beneath. Enjoy!!
Rich getting Richer

#‎GoodMoneySeries. You cannot use your father’s PhD to get a job, why must you think your parent’s money is yours? Everybody is responsible for himself. The reason we have many families after enjoying wealth from the first generation, the second and third generation squnaders it is because, we don’t yet understand that every man is for himself or as the term goes “OYO'” ‘On Your Own”. The reason we have a situation of poverty and some Indians and Chinese are trooping into our country to build massive wealth for themselves is because most people are not yet taking responsibilities for the outcome of their lives. Until you understand that nobody would be rich for you… nobody will work or get a job for you. Nobody will build financial success for you. You are the one who is the architect and the builder of your financial destiny.

I have watched many people fail in life and the annoying thing is that they are waiting for their uncle and aunties to connect them. So they spend many wasteful years at the beck and call of their so called ‘helpers’. Truth be told, you need people…. But you need to get to an understanding that  life only helps those who take full responsibility for the issue of their life. At age 16, I started taking responsibility for my life. I walked out of my parent’s home. I stopped calling the house, ‘my house,’ I referred to it as ‘my parent’s house.’ It was so because I wanted to take responsibility. I refused to heed to anyone’s call because I knew I was the one who defined my destiny.

Today, I am glad I did. Today, I don’t owe anyone a ‘thank you,’ but all the glory to God. I am not indebted in anyway, not a single dime. The reason is that everything lies at the doorstep of my ability to be fully responsible for my life. I have watched many people with great potentials give up enviable destinies because they want someone to help them. I know many young Nigerians who are waiting for their ‘god-father’ to help them with some change. If success work like that, I tell you over 90% of Nigerians would be rich. The reason only very people are rich in this country is not because Nigerians are corrupt but because some individuals decided to be responsibility.



I have chosen not to look at what anybody does to me, I have decided to focus my attention on what I do. Because in the long-run, it is not what happens that matters it is what I do that does. What happens to you, happens to everyone. You are not the only one to be ejected by the landlord, some people have actually slept under the bridge. You are not the only that doesn’t have a job yet. There are thousands of youth, who are doing something despite the fact that there are no jobs. When I was about to come into real estate, one of the things I told God was that, ‘If ever anyone was to succeed in real estate,’ it must be me.’ In my mind I said, ‘if your plan was just to make only one Nigerian rich in real estate and the rest live in poverty, that one person must be me.’ I didn’t just say it, I started acting it. When I had only a suit and three shirts, I started walking in that understanding with full responsibility. Today, it is working. I even made a vow, that I would not become a second-class real estate entrepreneur. That was the height of my responsibility to I was getting myself involved.

I would not cower when others are. I will look for solutions to problems and not just talk about the problems. It just hit me that instead of just talking about Nigeria’s problem, why not take time out to find solutions. You can actually make money from bringing solutions to our national crisis. Instead of talking about Boko-Haram and their attacks, why not let’s solve the problem. But you see, many would not see wisdom in taking responsibility.

Ask the average Nigerian, what is the solution to electricity in Nigeria, someone would say corruption. But I ask is it all Nigerians that are corrupt? There is a problem in our society, and that problem is that, ‘it is not my job mentality.’ I wish we can come to an understanding that whether you fail or you succeed, it is your fault. It is not the fault of your parents. If you steal, you will be executed no matter who ask you to steal. You can’t blame others for the decisions or the indecision that you make. You are the architect, builder and surveyor of your destiny. Whether you like it or not, success only lies within responsibility

During the last 15 years, I have discovered that society pays people for being responsible. It is a payment made to enhance the value of the person who is responsible. I think the rich keeps getting richer because the poor keeps getting it wrong. It is the wrongness that the rich keep capitalizing on and one of which is irresponsibility of the poor.

Good Money Friends.

 Coach Chudi

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