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How To Register Your Business Name With The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) In 21 Days Or Less(Part 1)

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Hope you had a great weekend. It’s a start of a new week and we will be sharing how you can help take your Business to the next level by getting your Business registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Proper registration is one of the important things many small business owners neglect to their detriment. This is because a good number of them think it’s not important and some others who think it’s important assume it will be a very difficult task.

Why bother registering with CAC?

How to register a business in Nigeria

The importance of registering a business can never be over-emphasized.

• For one, when it comes to doing serious business, many agencies will never take you serious if your company is not registered.

• Secondly, you might have to discover that people and that includes you and I, feel more comfortable paying for services and products into a corporate account with the name of an organisation than paying into Individual account.You may have missed an important sale because when your prospect made up his mind to buy, the account number you sent him was an individual account in your name.He thought it too risky because it was a sizable amount involved.

People feel if the account is in a corporate name, the organization can be traced if the transaction went foul. If you register your company, you can use the documents to open a corporate account with less stress.

• Moreover, if you have a business idea and you go ahead and register the business name, even if you spend 2 years perfecting the plan and raising the capital, for it, those 2 years from when the business was registered can count for you as years of experience.

In this post, you’ll be learning simple steps you can take to register your business name with the corporate affairs commission in less than 21 days.

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A little about CAC:

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) was established by the Companies and Allied matters act, which was promulgated in 1990 to regulate the formation and management of companies in Nigeria. The CAC is in charge of registering businesses in Nigeria. They have offices all over Nigeria and in the concluding part of this post, you’ll see the addresses of their offices in different locations in Nigeria, so finding the one nearest to you should be very simple.

Registering a Business name

If you want to register a business name, you can do it in 2 ways.

• One is to engage the services of a lawyer and he will get it done for you with about N10,000. The trouble is that the next time you want to register another business name, you will have to pay him another N10,000

If you are a serial entrepreneur with many business ideas flowing in you, you will be spending too much money for this when you can actually spend less by understanding the information I am going to share with you here.

 • The second way to get your business name registered is to do it yourself. Yes, you can walk into any branch of the corporate affairs commission and you will get your business registered.

The trouble with this is that if you do not know the secrets of going about it, you will spend months trying to get your business name registered. A friend of mine spent over 6 months trying to register his business name because he worked through an agent who really wasted his time and messed him up real bad. For the sake of clarity, This guide shows the process of how to get your business name registered and not a limited liability company or an NGO.

Getting started:

Once you are ready to register your business name with the corporate affairs commission, the first thing you should do is to go to their office nearest to you.

• Walk in to the nearest branch to you and ask for name reservation form. It costs just Five Hundred Naira only. You will be given a receipt and a form. On the form, you will be asked to fill in a few details. Details like…

• Your Name

• Your Address

• Your Desired Business Names

• A Space To Fill The Type Of Business You Want to Register

(Choose Enterprises/Business Name)

You will be required to choose two business names. The reason is that if one is not available, they can reserve the other for you. If none of them is available, you will need to do it all over again. You will have to pay the N500 again and you will have to wait for the result.

How long does it take to reserve a name with CAC?

Sadly in this our dotcom age, when you ask for a name reservation, it takes about 2 weeks before the results are returned. It is sometimes as fast as one week or 10 days but it generally takes 2 weeks. Now imagine if your chosen business name is not available, you have to go through that 2 week process again. If the new one is not available as well, you have to go over the process… again… and… again. That is why it takes people a long time to sort out.

So How Will You Prevent That From Happening To You?

Good question! What you need to do is to choose a name no one else would have chosen. Now, you have to be creative and ingenious about it. If you choose just any name, I can assure you someone has registered it.

Don’t even think about registering names like these…

• Obyno Enterprises

• Prosperity Ventures

• Good Hope Enterprises

• Adamu Hassan Ventures

• Wealth Resources Consulting

If you choose names like these, then there is a high probability that they have already been taken by someone else and as an entrepreneur, you don’t have time to waste experimenting on new names at every 2 week interval.Having sorted out the name issue and having submitted your form, you will have to wait till the result comes out. There is nothing you can do about that. You just have to wait. All I’ll advise you to do is to get ready so when the results come out, you will be prepared to register immediately.

 What you need


_ 2 passport photographs

_ Stapler (believe it or not, some CAC branches do not have)

_ The details of a partner (you cannot register alone, add someone…


_ The partner’s photographs.

_ Your address (you can use your home address)

_ Telephone number (use GSM)

_ Local government area and a few other requirements.

Why be prepared ahead of time?

Majority of upstart entrepreneurs will fold their hands while the 2 weeks passes but I advise you to work while you wait. Start gathering the materials you need one by one. Why? You see, your name reservation is just for a number of days, you have to register properly before the grace period expires and someone else can take up that name. We want to get your business name registered in record time so we want to move faster than normal. When name reservation results come out, what people normally do is to start studying the new documents they are provided with to fill.If you prepare early, you will get your registration done once the results are out.

According to the CAC Website, Fees for some services include:

Registration of Business Name =N=10,000.00

Change of Name =N=2,000.00

Business Name Search =N=500.00.

Change of Partnership =N=1,000.00

Change of Address =N=1,000.00

Certified True Copy of a Business Name Certificate =N=1,000.00

Filing of Annual returns =N=300.00

Business Name Registration Form =N=250.00

In the concluding part of  this post, you will learn about:

  • Objects allowed by CAC
  • CAC offices in Nigeria

 Visit CAC Website (www.cac.gov.ng) for more details, this serves as a guide as shared by Edwin Ndubisi.

Like we always say,

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  2. Ekong Reply

    Please what is the difference between a business name and a company name in Nigeria.What are the advantages and disadvantages over each other. The limitations of one over the other.
    I am a young graduate with business ideas,i wish to register a business name and a company name but i wish to seek your professional advise before venturing in to it.

    Warm Regards


    Sir, I want to open my own business though I work in Alausa, hw do I go about? I want keep my name 1st so when I have enough money I will come and pay for the registration

  4. Adeniran Reply

    I am highly delighted to see this today.
    Sir, what is the minimum academic requirement for registeration of a diagnostic laboratory?
    Secondly, how much is the total amount for registeration?
    Thirdly, can someone add a suffix like (.2014) to distinguish a registered name from any other one(s)that want to share name. for instance, Shiloh.2014 to defferrentiate it from any other one that bears shilloh diagnostic lab?

  5. Ibikunle Reply

    Kindly distinguish the difference if is registration of club or association. How do I go about it. Is it possible to register online?

  6. Felix Reply

    Pls Sir, I want to register a business for export of raw materials like bitter kola, ginger etc. but I don’t have money yet for Limited Company. Can just business name reg. be enough? Any implication? And what suffix do u suggest for me as I don’t like enterprise or ventures. Can you do this for me as fast as possible? How much?
    Thanks and be well!
    Expecting ur mail….

  7. Opportunity Elu Reply

    Nice write up and a guide to register business name, This have helped me register business name for my export business clients at topbusinessreality.com

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    Thanks for the info. please if I register a business name with a partner, must the person be a signatory to my business account or other transactions?

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Great work

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    Hi, thanks for the post. I want to register my business name, but i don’t know how to go about it. I’ve asked aroun, but the price am getting is high and i can’t afford that at the moment. Pls i need your help and advice on how to go about it or if you can direct me to someone who will help me i’ll really appreciate it.

  11. Ikechukwu Reply

    Hi, quite informative and helpful!
    I want to register a business name with the suffix “technologies”. I have the academic qualification to support it but, I do not belong to any professional body yet. please, I would like to know whether I can go ahead with the process.

  12. ken Reply

    Can I register production company name with CAC.
    And what process.
    Send me mail.

  13. Ufford Reply

    I have completed the process of name search and made all payments online in asked to print out form CAC BN 01 which already contains my information except passport and signature, what do I do with the form. Thanks for your guidance.

  14. Prof Reply

    @Alagbe Sola, Are you suggesting that a new start up church not yet fully ready to incorporate its trustees can start up with name registration to operate legally?

    what will be the implications of this if it is possible while the incorporation is still pending?
    – See more at: www.spreadmediang.com/register-business-corporate-affairs-commission-cac-21-days-lawyer-n10000-part-1/#sthash.pUiS8ufb.dpuf

  15. kenny Reply

    Pls, I need a little piece of advice.I have an enterprise business which have grown. Now I want to upgrade it a limited liability firm.
    Pls, how do I do this?
    What steps needed to be taken?
    How much would I need to prioritize this?.
    Kindly email the answer to jennycos2002@yahoo.co.uk

  16. DESMOND T Reply

    I have just started my company business name search process. The name is out, but I want to change or amend the name. How is this possible. eg. from Engine solutions consults ltd to Maths solutions consults ltd.
    thank you.

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      You cannot amend an already approved business/company name after the search form has either been submitted or approved.

      The best you can do is to pay for a new search report.

      A point of warning: the CAC will request you provide a certificate of proficiency for using the word, or engaging in Consulting/Consultancy Services.




    Is CAC offices in every state

  19. david adeyeye Reply

    pls is their any academic qualifications for registering a limited liability company

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      Academic qualification will depend on the nature of the business itself.

      For example, a minimum of NCE is required for registering a Nursery and Primary School; a B.Ed for a secondary school; ICAN for an accounting firm; a professional certificate from either COREN or NSE for an engineering company. So, it varies.

      The rule of the thumb is that either an academic or professional qualification will be needed for specialist areas.

  20. Kayode Reply

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  23. Sola Reply

    For those that want to register business name you can actually do a name search online and once payment of N250 is made your name will be approved you can also print out the form online and fill appropriatLy, for to their office nearest to you and submit wait 2weeks and your certificate will be ready. got to CAC website I followed this process and it was ok my certificate should be ready but I haven’t had time to go pick up. thanks Amaka for the info.

  24. Madukwe Chukwuka Reply

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  26. David_icing Reply

    Dear All,

    I want to register a Business name for my Travels and Tours company and i was made to understand that it is not possible to register a Business name (Enterprise) for a Travels and Tours company, that it has to be a Limited company.. Kindly advice if this is correct, I do not have the funds to register for a Limited coy now.

    Your candid advice will be highly appreciated.

  27. MOSES Reply

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    please i want to register my business name
    i don”t want wail through any agent,how do i register my business
    Iwill like know the neccessary documents that i will provide.
    Once again i want you to help me confirm the business name they have done for me.
    hope to hear from you soonest
    thanks so much.

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    Thanks for d piece of info, very useful. Pls i already registered a business name, but lost my original copy and i dnt have a copy, pls hw do i recover it or is it to go for a new one since i already want to change the name. Thanks pls reply

  31. valoni Reply

    I am young entrepreneur. Into production of liquid soap for dish washing.i want to know the surfixes that can be attached to my business i intend registering. Eg if i used a name like brent soaps limited, or brent company…do i have any limitation

  32. Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

    You are not restricted to the words: ventures, enterprises, or even company which are and can be used for business names.

    I have registered for clients names such as Beauty Unscripted (without any of those suffixes). Another example is Digidot-Graphy.

    The bottomline is: it is never compulsory!

  33. Terry Reply

    This is A great Thread and btw you are doing a great job on it…
    I want to register my company which are already register in India, this will be a subsidiary of it and How much it will cost me? and How i decide the share capital of it? Most Importantly if its Oil and Gas Service provider and you must be aware that its has NCD (Nigeria Content Development) guilines to follow:
    1) How much it will cost me?
    2) do i need to have nigerian On Board of Directors?
    2) How you Can help me on this (Registration and all)?

    Pl. suggest me on my ID

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      Hello, Terry.
      There are quite a number of questions in your post which cannot be answered in detail here.
      However, you should know that Nigeria welcomes 100% FDI (foreign direct investment); and you can’t be wrong investing in Africa’s largest economy in GDP.
      I will forward you an email.

  34. harrison Reply

    I will like to be contacted via this email address if possible: nwaogwugwuharrison@yahoo.com. Thanks

  35. harrison Reply

    please I want to know, is a movement that is be relious, and general but not a church registered as a business or something?

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      A “movement” or a religious association cannot be registered as a business name. You will register it as a Trustee (NGO).



  37. Alakwe Emmanuel Reply

    Please sir i want to open a Gsm phone shop with a brand name of TECNO MOBILE as a retail company and possibly wholesale in the future.do i register it first with c.a.c or visit tecno for license
    Secondly do you have a branch in Abuja or an agent so i can make a quick registration with out going directly to c.a.c office here thank you.ur numb pls

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      Yes, you need to get your business on the register of the Corporate Affairs Commission first. Upon successfully registering your business name, you’ll be issued a Certificate of Business Name which recognizes your business as a registered entity in Nigeria.

  38. Alakwe Emmanuel Reply

    Please i want to setup a Gsm communication company and will like to brand it as a Tecno shop (retail and possibly wholesale pending my financial power in the further)and my company name what steps do i take.
    Do i register it with c.a.c first or should i visit tecno to get approval??

  39. Femi Reply

    Pls, beyond the regular use of Enterprises, Concepts, Ventures in business names, are there other name ideas that are less hackneyed? Would love suggestions pls. Also, is it possible to use Company in registering a business name?

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  41. Emmanuel Chinedu Reply

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  42. Atoyebi Reply

    can someone register a school name with CAC and if yes is it the same procedure.Also can we register an Islamic name of Asalatu with CAC

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      Yes, you can register a school at the CAC provided the proprietors (owners) of the school have requisite academic qualifications to support their registration.

      For example, to register a creche to primary school, the owners must possess at least NCE; while B.Ed for secondary school registration.

      As for the Islamic school, you can either register it as a profit venture or non-profit.

  43. samson Reply

    Pls I need the customa service number at alausa office

  44. Quadri Opeyemi Reply

    To this writer, I say kudos. This is highly informative, but my concern about most of government’s agencies is bribery.

    Refuse to bribe the person in charge of your file then be ready to wait till eternity.

  45. Business Name Reply

    Thanks for sharing. When you register your business in Nigeria, there are a lot of benefits that come with it. The earlier, the better. Awesome post!

  46. Francis Reply

    Thank you very much for the information. I want to know if one can open a corporate account with just the business name registration certificate. If so, how can one go about it? Thanks

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      Yes, Francis. You can have a corporate (business) bank account with a Business Name certificate. Just walk into a bank of choice to get a corporate account opening package for Sole Proprietors.

  47. Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

    The use of the suffix “enterprise” or “ventures” shows that it is a business entity (not a trademark). At least, it describes the name as a business entity.
    The CAC are likely to reject just “Spark” used alone.

  48. Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

    You either go to the nearest CAC zonal office in your state or get the services of an accreditted CAC agent.

  49. Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

    There are just 2 CAC offices in Lagos – one at Alausa, Ikeja and the other in Sabo, Yaba.

  50. Olutayo Reply

    Nice piece of info here and thanks. id want to know if its mandatory to put “the word “enterprises” or “ventures” at the end of your business name even when its intended to be an enterprise or a sole proprietorship..a name like “Spark” for example. thanks

  51. victor uche Reply

    Please how much does it cost to register a limited liability company with N10million share capital



  53. wale Reply

    Good morning,

    Please how much does it currently take to register a limited Laibility Company with N1million share capital.

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      Wale, the cost for incorporating a N1m share capital company depends on the accreditted agent and how he bonds with you with his fees. My firm currently does that for 70k (govt and professional fees)

  54. ajide olushola Reply

    All my registation document from CAC is missing including the certificate. I want to know how much it will cost me to get all back and the procedures to follow in getting another copy.

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      Retrieving your lost CAC docs (including the certificate) is possible.
      You need to speak to a specialist in this regard. It’s easier when an accredited agent is engaged to complete the process on your behalf.

  55. sulaimon dairo Reply

    i ll like to register my company were can I go that

  56. Ogunjobi Adewale Reply

    What a Nice piece of info.Pls i will like to know the following information:
    We formed a group within the factory where I work-we named it investment club-major aims is to operate like a co-operative society but within a confined nos of people.
    Que: For the purpose of Bank registration for current account- What registration can we do to achieve our aims in the area of banking.

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      There are processes and procedures for carrying on a co-operative society in Nigeria or Lagos (in case you operate in Lagos).
      To be able to open a current account in the name of your club, you will need to register it formally as a co-operative society at the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives. After being duly registered, a certificate will be issued to you and your co-operative society will be introduced to your bankers.
      I hope this helps?


    Pls is it possible to search business name myself. If yes send me the site address. If no how do i go about it.

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      Unfortunately, you can’t do a business name search via the internet. You either walk into a CAC office closest to you to file a business search or engage an accreditted CAC agent to do that for you.

      • Buildingcareers Reply

        Good news all company registration can be done online niw including name search gor just 500naira.
        However what are the steps to become an accrefited agent?

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  59. Bayo Ogunnubi Reply

    Appreciate yur comments and reply on questions posted. More grease to yur elbow. Pls. Where is CAC office located in Abeokuta?

  60. Prince matthew oribhabor Reply

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  61. Olaolu Ayoola Reply

    What of registering a company? Is it N10k too?

  62. aderinto david Reply

    Please what are the documents to be given by cac after registration of the business e.g enterprises or limited company

    Thank you

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  64. Iteire Apollos Reply

    Thanks for this wonderful information. I was actually thinking it will take up to ₦ 100,000 plus to register a business name. Now i know i was exaggerating things, i think it’s time to take the bold step. But i will like to get more details on what will be required once one has register a business name.

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    this is such a beautiful envelope of information.. all thanks to Spread Media,,,

    Question 1: How much will the total fee be to register a LTD company of 5 million or 1 million share capital… e.g … Pain N Gain LTD…

    please inbox me…. v.a_chez at ya ho o…ca


    please i want to register DE PRINZE LUXURY HOME as a business name.


  69. Pastor Ukana Ezekiel Reply

    Please sir Iam a Senior Pastor of A new church and I want to register the church. Please kindly guide me on what to do. I am from Akwa Ibom State

  70. LEE SABO Reply

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  72. chido val Reply

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  73. Jake Adebayo Reply

    Thanks for the post Titilayo. But i need to know what you think the best odds are for me in getting a new set of copies of my Business Name registration documents….sadly i have lost the originals…

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      Hello, Jake.

      Not to worry if you have misplaced the originals. You can get a new certified true copy of the originals.

      I could be of help. Call 08055981421

  74. Aaron Benjamin Reply

    Wow! Kudos to you for this systematic and expository explanation on business name registration with CAC. I must confess i find this tremendously useful.
    Please i need to be cleared on the following:
    1. I and four of my friends have a business idea which is actually a film business (entertainment). We decide to use d first letters of our names to form the business name. Now do we all need to process the registration with every member’s names and passports?
    2. Apart from CAC is there any other registration/agreement we need to untertake with any movie/entertainment body or guild before we would be certified as showbiz owners?
    3. The business now is 60% idea and the needed capital is not at hand. Though we intend to generate funds as time goes on. Is there a place in the business registration form that requires a certain (available) capital before one can proceed with the registration?
    4. Finally, do we really need a certified agent to process this kind of registration or we can do it on our own. What other charges apply apart from the fees charged for the name reservation/registration forms and the registration.
    Thank you once again for your selfless service on the internet. Am following your links and socialmedia right away :)

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      1. If it’s indeed a partnership, YES the partners’ names need appear on the registration documents. From your post, you are 5 on the company.

      2. Showbiz has little regulation; hence, for now, your business registration might just be enough.

      3. You don’t need evidence of physical start-up cash before you register a company.

      4. If you are registering a business name, you might do it yourself if you’ve got the time to follow it up; however, incorporation of LLC require the services of a consultant.

  75. Vinestar Media Reply

    Great job. Keep it up!

  76. Vin Reply

    For a one man biz,can’t such a person registered alone.

  77. Emmanuel Reply

    Talking about “filing business annual report to date” before making changes, what does that mean? I registered the business name in 2008, run it in 2008/09, then I stopped and start again in late 2011. Now, I want to change partner, what do I do?

  78. jim save Reply

    hi God sent, i realy enjoy this piece of info. Pls without wasting much of my time i am in hast to go get my unique business registered now!

  79. Maryam Reply

    How much do i need to register an enterprise or venture? Thanks

  80. Shekhar Reply


    We are looking for documents like (Annual Return, Financial stats, Incorporation Cert) of Private Companies from Nigeria.

    So, Can you please assist me regarding the same?

    Please guide me where I get the above information.

  81. Obande Otte Reply

    is it possible to register a private partnership, limited liability company, S corporation, & C corporation by oneself ?

  82. Minna Onomroba Abell Reply

    how do i change an institute name from eg frontline institute of planners and design to institute of planners and design

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      Dear Abell,

      Changing the name of the institute might not be as easy as you think in the sense that CAC might have approved that name initially based on the word “Frontline”. Deleting that word gives it another meaning altogether, which may be queried by the approving officers.

      It most instances, names of professional associations (or institutions) have prefixes such as yours – Frontline – to distinguish it from another. That’s why you have “Nigeria”, “National”, etc as prefixes of some associations/institutions.

      Where you have an association starting with the word “Institute” such as Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, then you know appropriate approvals have been sought from a recognised body before CAC can approve of such a name.

  83. Jocelyn Reply

    I’m more than happy to discover this website. I need to to thank you for ones time just for this fantastic read!! I definitely really liked every bit of it and I have you book-marked to see new things on your web site.

  84. Emekara Chinaka Dennis Reply

    pls i like to know the differences between enterprise and venture

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      Emekara, the term “enterprise” and “ventures” are used interchangeably in the Nigerian parlance to mean a class of business structure owned by one person called the Sole Proprietor. Hence, they mean the same. The CAC recognises this type of business structure as Business Name. It’s different from the Private Limited Liability Company.

  85. Nnanna Reply

    I want to know if Registering of Church Name is the same with Business Name.

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      Incorporating a church is different from registering a business name. They are different in scope, structure, nature, registration process and definitely, their registration costs differ.

  86. adeola Reply

    ds’s rily a good job

  87. rotimi Reply

    thank u for the information pls is it possible to re-register your company if u registe in 1981

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      If you registered your company in 1981 like you indicated, you don’t need to re-register it unless your company has been struck off (delisted) from the CAC register for failure to file annual returns. If this is the case, you will have to write the CAC and comply with necessary documentation including filing of annual returns.
      Howwever, if your company was blacklisted and subsequently delisted, you cannot re-register such company names.

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    pls i will like to ask a question, my father has registered his business is there anything like registring under my father company’s?

  89. David Reply

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  91. UCHE Reply

    Nice posts but problem is that i tried entering one of the CAC offices at yaba, but was turned back because I wasnt a lawyer or an accountant.

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      You may have been turned back for any of the following reasons below:
      1. You intend incorporating a company or trustee (which only accredited agents have the authority to file on behalf of clients).
      2. You intend to register either a business name, company or NGO on behalf of a third-party without being an accredited agent. That is, the proposed registration is not yours.

      • victor uche Reply

        Why is it that the so called accredited cac agents charged ridiculous amount of money to register a limited liability company? Judging from the cac original price of these registration, it is not as high as these charges.

        • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

          Unfortunately, there are no standards or yardstick for agents to determine how much is charged as professional fees. So, how much you pay depends on the agent and how well he bonds with you with his fees.

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    such things, therefore I am going to convey her.

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    I will definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends.
    I am sure they’ll be benefited from this website.

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    How do I get an accreditation number.if I don’t have a lawyer

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      Accreditation numbers are assigned to CAC agents who meet certain requirements to undertake incorporation support services on behalf of people who need to do business with the CAC. Only lawyers, chartered secretaries or chartered accountants or firms comprising of any of these professionnals can be accredited by the cac.
      The implication is that you can only do your own business name registration (not for any other person, if you are not an accredited agent). Moreso, only accredited agents can incorporate limited companies and trustees (church, club, association, etc).

  102. Agocha paul Reply

    Thank, i found the informatiom very useful

  103. da melody optimum entertainment Reply

    Have registered my company since april 2oo9, there are some typographical error in the general nature of bussines and my client are complaining, what do I do.

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      To make changes in your nature of business, all you do is to complete the change of business nature form at the CAC where you state the “new” (correct) nature of business.
      But, since your business was registered since 2009, you have to file your business’ annual returns to-date before attempting to make such change.

  104. Charles Reply

    Were can l register

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      To register a business name, you can go to any zonal office of the CAC in your state or contact an accreditted agent to register the business name for you.

      • william Reply

        what will it take to become an accredited agent sir?

        • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

          The CAC recognises 3 professionals or a firm consisting of any 3 of these professionals: Lawyer, Chartered Accountant and Chartered Secretary.
          Only these set of professionals can be accreditted by the CAC to do business at the CAC on behalf of customers.

      • anonymous Reply

        If I register a business name for my Partnership are there any conditions I have to fulfil afterwards i.e displaying a sign outside my office (or is this just a requirement for limited companies)?

  105. Pastor olagoke Reply

    By d grace of God im a founder a new church, pls some says it cost over 100,000,00 to register a church,but we just startd.pls hw can i get it done with just 10,000,00

    • Ayokunle Bankole [Mr Corporation] Reply

      You cannot incorporate a trustee (whether a church or association) for N10,000. Apart from regular filing fees, you still have to pay for publication in 2 daily newspapers, make a corporate seal and pay some professional fee to your agent.

  106. PC Reply

    Nice information.., I’d like to get two questions answered by the writer or by anyone who could.

    1. Is it possible to get details of whats next through the registration once name is available?

    2. Is it also possible to get the guide to church name search and procedures through regstration?


    • Alagbe Sola Reply

      You can register the church as an NGO or Non-Profit Org., no problems with registration, same for other businesses.
      Once your name is available, purchase the Application for Registration of Business Name Form for #250, fill appropriately and send back for verification. This should not take more than a few hours and if you’re cleared, you can proceed paying into their account. They’ll give you the details. Then you’re done in less than a week. Go get your original certificate. This is enough to do any legal transaction.

      • Prof Reply

        Are you suggesting that a new start up church not yet fully ready to incorporate its trustees can start up with name registration to operate legally?

        what will be the implications of this if it is possible while the incorporation is still pending?

    • Alagbe Sola Reply

      You can register the church as an NGO or Non-Profit Org., no problems with registration, same for other businesses.

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    Good piece!

    The CAC office @elephant house alausa Ikeja has moved to Otunba Jobi Fele way Ikej. Behind the new African shrine.

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