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The Number 1 Reason Businesses Struggle!

I was walking down a street just off a major highway in Lagos and passed along several businesses. I was immediately burdened when I saw the open stores with bills to pay and little or no customers coming in. I wondered what I could do to help them and why so many small businesses that compromise over 80% of businesses in the country struggle. Just across the road on that busy highway, was a branch of a popular fast food chain. The place was packed full with customers and almost overflowing in its seems with a scarcity of places to park. It seemed like an irony that at one corner there were an array of struggling small businesses and at another corner, there was a booming business.

I looked at some statistics on business and it showed that 80-90% of business startups fail in the first 5 years. Therefore it seems like small businesses are doomed to fail before they even start! As I wondered at this contradiction, I finally realized the number 1 reason why small businesses struggle: and the reason is Mindset! As a small business owner, you are already programmed that you are likely to fail, you are most likely going to struggle to raise money and find customers for your products. You have been in business for a few months or years and this prophesy seems to be coming true! You find yourself struggling, barely able to pay your bills and it seems like a fortuitous cycle.

The startling truth is that: that is not true. There is actually an abundance of money, customers and businesses ideas. Scarcity is a ‘man made’ concept that we have been programmed to believe in. If you doubt what I am saying: look out of your window right now, look at the clouds, is it scarce? Does it not cover the full area of the sky? Does it say: I would only cover where the rich live or where the poor live? No it doesn’t! It is abundant, it is more than enough for the whole world.

So for your business, there is more than enough customers, business and money. But money only flows where it can exchange itself for value. If you still doubt what I am saying, go and stand in a popular supermarket in your area and you will see how money exchanges hands in abundance! People are paying for things they value.

Change your money mindset, decide you would invest in yourself first to get the information you need to be able to offer the value that would make people invest their money in your products or services.

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Change your Mindset and move from struggle to success. You can do it.

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'Tale Alimi
About the Author
'Tale is a Business growth consultant&coach with an expertise in helping businesses grow their revenues. With over 13 years corporate experience in Consulting, Telecommunications and Technology sectors; she was part of or led teams that grew the business revenues of these organizations. She was a lead facilitator at Businessday SME connect conference. She has a Masters in Business Administration and is currently the Lead coach/consultant at Salestar Africa( salestaronline.com.com). You can contact her via email: tale@salestaronline.com. Like Salestar Africa on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/salestarafrica. She is also committed to inspiring cosmopolitan African women to achieve their highest potential through her platform; thefivestarwoman.com.
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