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Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Day: Titus and Tobias Igwe of SpeedMeals Kitchen

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SPREAD MEDIA recently had an interview with 25 years old TITUS AND TOBIAS (IGWE TWINS) MD/CEO OF SPEEDMEALS MOBILE KITCHEN. They spoke about their future plans, challenges and advice to government and young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Day: Titus and Tobias Igwe of SpeedMeals Kitchen

Spread Media: Why do you choose this line of business?

SpeedMeals: In 2009, we were working as office assistance and our fellow staffs usually send us to go out and buy food for them. We noticed that most workers find it very hard to afford good meal in office even when the food available, its either too expensive or its delivered late and most of them are produced in a very unhygienic environment; because we do not have any food and services company fully dedicated to serve this market. So we set out to fill this vacuum.

In 2010, we established SPEEDMEALS MOBILE KITCHEN a registered food and Services Company with a mission “To deliver fresh meals on time to workers at acceptable profit margin to achieve sustainable growth”.  We have also trained over sixty unemployed youths across the country on basic catering and baking techniques to enable them establish their own businesses. Through our annual ‘Opportunity of a Life Time program’ run by Speedmeals institute (A subsidiary of Speedmeals Mobile Kitchen) due to our belief that a candle losses nothing from lighting another candle.

Spread Media: What products and services do you offer?

SpeedMeals was created to improve and enhance the life of average workers in urban areas starting from Lagos. This we intend to achieve with our customized products and services tailored to the needs of workers such as; daily catering for corporate organizations, Mobile canteens, quick meals deliveries, breakfast, cakes and light refreshments for corporate functions like trainings, seminars and conferences etc we also offer outdoor catering services for other events including weddings. We also have a training institute.

Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Day: Titus and Tobias Igwe of SpeedMeals Kitchen

Spread Media: Current challenges faced?

SpeedMeals: The company currently needs an investment of 20million naira to complete the ongoing renovation work at the new office, purchase new industrial cooking equipments like heavy duty ovens, industrial cooking pots, etc and a new delivery van to increase our efficiency.

Our doors are open for investors and a long term lending facility. Investors are guaranteed good returns on their investments.

Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Day: Titus and Tobias Igwe of SpeedMeals Kitchen

The Company gained recognition in December 2010 when it emerged the grand prize winner of ‘Samsung West Africa Hope for the future awards’ (an award for outstanding young entrepreneurs making positive imparts in their community)

Last year we got a scholarship from Fate Foundation to attend their Aspiring Entrepreneurship Programme (AEP) and that has greatly improved our managerial skills. Our government needs to adopt such strategies to train and empower young entrepreneurs. This is a sure way to economic growth and development. We also need business mentors.

Spread Media: Prospects in food business in Nigeria?

SpeedMeals: Food business in Nigeria is a growing market. Change of culture and growing number of women in the work place has made many workers to rely on food and services companies such as Speedmeals for their daily meals. With the population of workers in Lagos and other urban areas of Nigeria, there is a growing demand for a more hygienic and affordable mobile food vendors as a suitable substitute to the local food vendors. Speedmeals is destined to fill this void.

Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Day: Titus and Tobias Igwe of SpeedMeals Kitchen

Spread Media:  What are your future plans?

Speedmeals vision is “To be the most sought after food vendor brand for working class people in urban areas of Nigeria and west Africa”

The company has witnessed a rapid growth since inception and recently acquired a new facility at Surulere Lagos for expansion. The facility when completed will include a standard production factory with the capacity to produce between ten to fifteen thousand plates of food daily, a cake studio, administrative offices and a restaurant. This will in addition create fifty new jobs to increase our work force.

Spread Media: Advice to would-be Entrepreneurs

SpeedMeals: For young aspiring entrepreneurs, our advice to them is that they should not venture into any business they are not passionate about just because others are making progress in it. There are a lot of opportunities in Nigeria for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Unemployed youths should shun violence, drugs and other negative vices. They should acquire technical skills because the market pays for value and not certificates or the number of years spent in a university. With hard work, resilience and determination there is light at the end of the tunnel.


MOBILE: 08064912967, 08096638815.Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Day: Titus and Tobias Igwe of SpeedMeals Kitchen

EMAIL: info@speedmealsng.com

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/Speedmeals

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