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How to Make Legitimate Income Online in 2013

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Hi there, welcome to the first How-To Lesson in 2013. In 2012, people were drawn to the ‘Make Money Online’ tricks, surveys, and eBooks, whatever you call it. Most people believed making money online was as easy as opening an Email account. If you’re serious about earning some legit Income online, you should know that it’s Not A Get Rich Scheme, you need to work and work very hard. Make Money Online Nigeria

“Do this and I’ll show you how to earn $**** in your Account every 10hours” “Click Here to get this package that will give you $***** with just your Email Address”, “Complete this Survey and you’ll get paid $****”, “Buy this EBook and learn how to Make Real Money Online every second”, etc. These are examples of some Make Money Online tricks you might have come across in your Online Income Journey but take heart all is not lost and if you’ve lost some amount of money in any of ideas, well…you might need to Learn how to do it right.

I’m going to show you some honest ways you can earn some Legit Income Online, now listen this isn’t a Stay-at-Home-Doing-Nothing kind of Job, for it to work, you need to work. Listed Below are ways by which you can Make Money Online confidently. PLEASE NOTE: I’m not going to list Ideas that I haven’t tried out. Remember, there’s no free money on the Internet.

Online Income Source 1: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing Nigeria

Affiliate Marketing is more like a performance-based marketing, where as an Affiliate you are rewarded for every purchase made with your Affiliate details. It’s more like revenue-sharing.  Profit is shared between the Business and its Affiliate. The Business Owner decides what percentage of commission should be awarded to the Affiliate.

How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing:  People who have products or services to sell are always in constant search of people who would help sell in exchange of a percentage of the sell. Affiliate Marketing is really one of the top Online Business Opportunities because start-up costs are low but income generating is very encouraging (Depending on how much Effort you can put into it)

  • You can start by setting up a Blog (if you own one already, you really should try Affiliate Marketing)
  • Decide on the Product/Service Niche you would like to focus on. Affiliate Marketers can sell anything from Jewellery to Services to EBooks, it’s best to pick an area you’ll be happy about.
  • Once you’ve completed the above steps, you need to search for Products to promote. Now there are Affiliate Networks like ClickBank, E-junkie and all that but I’m really not going to concentrate on that because there might be a little challenge registering as a Nigerian except you use the Backdoor which I DON’T ADVISE. Here in Nigeria, there are some Companies offering opportunities for interested people that would become Affiliates for eg; Jumia, Dealdey, Spread Media, etc. It would be nice for you to focus on Affiliate Networks that you won’t have issues struggling to get your money like the case of registering with  some foreign affiliate networks.
  • For Affiliate Marketing, it’s best you own a Blog where you can share relevant content about your different Affiliate Products. To make money, you need to generate so much traffic to enable people visit your site and click on your Affiliate Links. You can generate Traffic through free or paid advertising; Email Marketing, Article Marketing or even Bulk SMS, but please ensure not to SPAM people with your Affiliate Links.

Online Income Source 2: Offering Services

Another great way of Making Money Online is by offering a Service.  Do you have great skills in doing a particular job? People/Businesses need those skills so what are you waiting for?

How to Make Money by Offering Services:

  • You can earn as a Copy Writer
  • Are you a Photographer? You can earn by selling your Pictures
  • You can offer Internet Services :Web Designing, Web Hosting, SEO, etc
  • You can become a Social Media Consultant
  • Are you a Motivational Speaker? You can offer Package Coaching Lessons and sell Online
  • You can offer Offline Services and earn money by marketing Online
  • Are you a graphic designer?? Offer your services online
  • What are you great at?? Turn it into a Service and start Earning

Online Income Source 3: Freelancing

In this case, as a free-lancer you search for jobs where your skills can come to play. You should decide on your skills that are more marketable then you can register in an Online Marketplace and search for jobs which you can do, offer a deal, get the job done and start earning, it’s a continuous process.

How to Make Money by Freelancing

Thanks to Prolance on www.prolance.com.ng which is a Nigeria Online Start-up, you can sign up as a Freelancer and help companies and Individuals with their projects.

  • All you need to do is visit www.prolance.com.ng, Register and create a profile as a Freelance.
  • Search for jobs related to your skills and submit proposals
  • You should make sure you get the job done excellently well so as to earn some credibility and get more contracts.
  • Prolance is Free to Join and it’s a great way to earn money online by using your skills.

Online Income Source 4: Blogging

Blogging! There’s a reason this isn’t the first Source stated because a lot of people have over-rated the idea of Blogging. Yes, you can make money Blogging but No, you can’t make money by just setting up a Blog and doing nothing on it. You need to put that Blog to work. The amount of money you earn from Blogging depends on how much effort you put into it. Be Innovative! Be Original! Be Commitment. You can read “6 Tips to Build a Linda Ikeji Business Blog Empire” for more Tips.

How to Make Money by Blogging

  • Do some Research to find out the Niche that would be suitable for you.
  • Locate the Niche which you won’t feel reluctant getting content for.
  • To generate Traffic which later translates to Income you need Content and Awesome Content at that.
  • Google AdSense and other Advertising Network help you generate Income from your Blog.
  • Affiliate Marketing, Article Marketing, Writing Reviews can fetch you money from your Blog
  • With massive traffic, you can sell your own Advert Space and keep all the profits to yourself.
  • To earn money online, you need to be creative and Innovative.

Online Income Source 5: Creating Digital Products

Another great way of earning Income Online is creating your own Digital Products. It’s possible you must have learnt a lot of things during your years on Earth, you can transform that Knowledge into something that people can read/listen and learn from.

How to Make Money by creating Digital Products

  • You can write an EBook on a particular topic that solves a particular problem people are having
  • Are you great at inspiring people, you can create an Online Course which people can pay to attend.
  • You can develop softwares which are helpful and people will always want to purchase.
  • We are in the Digital Age, get your Thinking Caps on and be Innovative.

Trust me, there are still other ways to Make Money online but its best you take these to heart so you don’t suffer from Information Overload which is already a major problem for most people.

Have you been trying to Make Money Online without any success, feel free to use the comment Box to share your thoughts.

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