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When You Feel Like Giving Up, Just Restart!

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Have you ever been at that point in your Life, Career or Business where you feel like giving up, where you feel like nothing works anymore, where you feel like you are at rock bottom, where you see yourself at a point that you never imagined wondering if this is how underachieving you’ve become? Have you??

Well, I have!

give up

Looking back at the plans set, goals planned, road-map and your current status, you wonder where all your amazing plans and possibly your treasured talents have flown to. One thing I understand is that there’s a certain time in our lives when we get to this particular state, thinking all hope is lost and wanting to start again but scared of taking that step.

Again, I’ve experienced this!!

RestartWhatever stage you are in your life, always know when to RESTART. Yes, Restart!! Remember that faulty PC you had that wouldn’t just work and kept hanging or having the Blue Screen of Death? [scary, right] Remember just RESTART!! Trust me, your life would never be the same if you don’t get it fixed from the moment you realize that this isn’t who you are!!

  • Take some time off! [If it means disconnecting from Social Media during your time off, please do – it worked for me! Get rid of distractions and focus on getting your life back on track during that period.
  • Connect with people who you believe would really help you, not those that claim they will just to mock you in the end. A friend reached out to me and we got talking and that helped in the already-started Restarting process [ you know sometimes when restarting your PC and it takes a while to finish the updates? Yes, exactly!]
  • Talk to God! He’s probably waiting for you to come to him, he’s like this young lady/man should just come to me, let’s work things out! In my own case, I cried and yes I cry a lot! I’m that emotional!
  • Rework your Plans, Setting New Goals and Take that Step: Depending on how long you’ve spent avoiding the Restarting process, you need to align your plans and set your goals ‘cos if you are like me, your goals have probably adjusted a little bit or the road-map has changed.

Getting yourself to RESTART, depends solely on you and the force you’ve got inside you to move. [Picture a guy who has been on a wheelchair all his life and suddenly gets to walk]. That force, emotion, strength, confidence that moves him to take that step. You need that inside you to Restart.

I really would want you to try, you’ll love yourself for it! You might be scared, confused on what you really should do but deep down inside you, you know what to do! I was scared too, I even doubted my abilities, lost my confidence but I wasn’t having that any more! I’m way better and you are too. Press that RESTART button Now!!

Hi, My name is Titilayo – Founder, Spread Media and I just restarted.

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Titilayo Ama is the Co-founder of Spread Media, a #SocialMedia Coach and also a #GeekinPink. She is a passionate Business Blogger who loves helping small businesses with practical digital marketing strategies to help their businesses grow. An amazing Public Speaker on Youth Empowerment| Entrepreneurship| Girl & Tech. She is the Author of ”How Social is your Business‘” The Social Media Guide for Nigerian Businesses. Follow her on twitter: @teeteelayo

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