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Why Business Owners should go Cashless by using etranzact PocketMoni.

etranzact pocketmoni

Like we all know, there is now a Policy for a Cashless Society and it was implemented on Sunday January 01 2012 in Lagos State. It is meant to gradually move the nation away from a cash-based economy to electronic payment system in line with what obtains in developed economies of the world.

At Spread Media, we tried to get ourselves up to speed and we tested the eTranzact Pocket Moni service and we were truly amazed.

Here, we’ll try to explain what Mobile Money service is about and then we’ll guide you through the steps to activate the Mobile Money Service in this case eTranzact Pocket Moni.

The good thing about The Mobile Money Service is that it works across all GSM networks and this extends your phone into a highly interactive feature-rich payment device. It’s simply amazing. Imagine your Mobile Phone been able to perform Banking Functions with just a click.

You might be wondering why Spread Media chose eTranzact Pocket Moni as its Mobile Money Service provider this is due to the fact that since inception, eTranzact has been the forerunner of mobile transaction services and has partnered with commercial banks to ensure the smooth running of Mobile Money Operation.

etranzact pocketmoni

eTranzact Pocket Moni has various options such as:

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Cash Deposit
  • Purchase Airtime Recharge Cards (Pin and Pinless)
  • Funds Transfer (to bank accounts, cards and mobile phones)
  • Bills Payment (for Cable TVs, PHCN, School Fees, Health Schemes, etc)

Now looking at the above options (which you can do directly from your mobile phone through the eTranzact Pocket Moni Application), you might not be visiting the Bank in a long while.

It truly works, we’ve tried it and that’s why we are sharing this valid and very useful information.

As a Business owner, you might be thinking, what are the benefits for me? Here they are:


As a Business owner who makes use of the eTranzact Pocket Moni service, the benefits are endless:

  • Ability for you to receive payments from clients more quickly.
  • It provides a faster, safer, traceable and long distance way to pay people (and it doesn’t require change)
  • You can pay for supplies/ services purchased straight from your phone.
  • You can send, withdraw and save money all from your mobile phone.

Need I say more??

Picture this: As a Business owner who uses eTranzact Pocket Moni,:

  • You can pay for services through your phone.
  • You can send airtime to your staff to get things done.
  • You can also send your staff’s salary to their account straight from your mobile phone.
  • You can use it as a means to save money.
  • You can also receive payments from your clients on your mobile phone.

Let’s get started:

HOW TO REGISTER FOR THE eTranzact PocketMoni Service.

Simple Steps to take:

Send an SMS: Reg Firstname Lastname (Code) to 20220 (For Mtn ,Airtel and Etisalat) OR (31030 For Glo)

Example: Reg John Emeka 000138

NOTE: Always include the 000138 code in the SMS before you send to the Mobile Operator Shortcode.

After sending the SMS, you will receive a confirmation SMS saying ‘A PocketMoni account has  been created for you’ and this SMS will also include your PIN and Reference Code

How to download the PocketMoni Java Application

Users can download the application to the Java-enabled phones in one of the following ways:

  1. Via Bluetooth File Transfer from PC to Phone
  2. By downloading from the URL: mobile.etranzact.com/PocketMoni.jar OR  http://mobile.etranzact.com/PocketMoni.jad
  3. Upon download, user should complete setup by providing the Mobile No and Pin obtained from initial registration.
  4. User can also redo the set-up by using the ‘change-setup’ option (under ‘utilities’ under the ‘Services’ menu.

Don’t forget: Mobile Operator Short Codes

(MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT- 20220) (GLO31030)

Funding Your PocketMoni Account

Your PocketMoni account can be funded in 4 ways:

  1. Cash deposit (Cash-in) at an agent location
  2. Cash deposit at a Partner Bank via PayOutlet
  3. Transfer from an eTanzact debit or prepaid card which has been added to the PocketMoni service by the cardholder.
  4. Transfer from another PocketMoni user.


Services Available to PocketMoni Users

Financial Transactions

i.            Buy Airtime

ii.            Send Money To

  1. PocketMoni user
  2. eTranzact card
  3. Any Mobile Phone user
  4. Bank Account

iii.            Withdraw cash

  1. At agent location
  2. At Partner Bank ATM via Cardlex cash

iv.            Pay Bills

  1. Pay Cable TV subscription (e.g Dstv, Hitv, MyTV)
  2. Pay Utilities, Fees, Levies and Taxes
  3. Pay Merchants (e.g Supermarkets, Restaurants, Petrol Filling Stations)

Non-Financial Transactions

i.            Change PIN

ii.            Check Balance

iii.            View Last 5 Transactions

iv.            Add/Delete eTranzact Debit/prepaid Card

v.            Change Set-up

That’s all

You can contact us for more info: Email: info@spreadmediang.com OR Call: 08023117715

Feel free to share this post on how to be a part of the Cashless Society.

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  1. Confidence Reply

    would like to be an agent, send me info please.

  2. Tunde Balogun Reply

    I need details of this agent of a thing and how can money be made from it. Already am on the platform but would lIke to be an agent.

  3. Isaac Reply

    pls, aquinct me with all neccessary info on how to become an agent, capital/monetary involvement as well as returns available for me

  4. daniel Reply

    How can i become an agent. Send info to my mail box: dnlfocus@gmail.com. Many thanks in advance.

  5. Minders Consortium Reply

    Am glade to find this post,pls give me all details on becoming an agent.include monetary involvement and investment justification.thanks

  6. timothy Reply

    plz. i want to become an agent. how much will i pay to…

    • Spread Media Reply

      Thanks for your Inquiry Timothy, details have been sent to your email address.

  7. KINDNESS Reply

    Is really Cool.
    I will want to be a supper agent.
    but one big Question is how do i get my commission if i sign up as an agent with you?
    whn there are issues alone the line with transactions, who do we refer it to?
    reply me at onnyekwerek@gmail.com

    • Spread Media Reply

      Thanks Kindness,
      Details have been sent to your Mailbox.

  8. Adesina Chimere Reply

    would like to know how i can become an agent. thanks

  9. femsol Reply

    Am interested in becoming an Agents.i need to know the commission for each customer that i engaged on ur platform.am aware there is commission for referral.but the real business is the E value u get e.g u invest 200k…u get value to resell…how do u resell within a week and what is d commission.pls send me details thru my mail.thanks


    I am interested in becoming an agent; but i have some questions concerning commissions:
    1. In most of the articles i have read, transactions are said to be free of charge. If this is true who then pays for the commission.
    2. is commission paid to agents on every transaction made by the customer and anywhere, as long as the account exist or it is just a one off payment.

    Thank you

    • Spread Media Reply

      @ tunbosun i will send you an email to your box

  11. Spread Media Reply

    Hi Okey an email on the requested details has been sent to your mail box

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    How can one become an agent, pls.

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  14. Felibrain Resource Reply

    Hello, we will want to be one of your agents. Please send details to the attached email.

  15. Spread Media Reply

    Hi Sam! Thanks for your Comment
    N10 is deducted for every transaction you carry out and this is the SMS Transaction Cost that goes to your Service Provider.
    You would pay a monthly access fee of N100 no matter the amount of transactions you make in a month,it covers them.
    Deposits can be made in all the major banks in Nigeria.
    For details on becoming an eTranzact Agent,an email will be sent to your Mailbox.

  16. Adesoji Sam Reply

    What are the charges?
    please list your partner banks for deposit
    I’ll like to know how to become PocketMoni agent
    what are your terms and conditions?

  17. Spread Media Reply

    Hi Uche, Yes the code is constant for registration purpose. An email was sent to your mail box on How to become an agent Sorry for the mistake in your name in the email

  18. Udembaozoh E. Uche Reply

    Is the code 000138 constant?
    Moreover, I’ll like to know how to become PocketMoni agent.

  19. Spread Media Reply

    deposits can be made in all banks in Nigeria

  20. Spread Media Reply

    Digital Nigeria limited and Oliver we would send details to your email

  21. Oliver Reply

    Nice job. Pls what are the modalities to become your Agent and what does it take to register with your company as an agent.You can give me the update through my email: oliver_pat007@yahoo.com

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    Our company ,Digisol Nigeria Limited , would like to be your agent. Kindly intimate us with the terms and conditions.


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    We will send a response to your Mailbox.

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    Complement of the season to you. Pls, i’ve been considering signing up as an agent but i still havent figure out how there commission payment works. I’ll be glad if there is any assistance you can render ( preferably to my box: kermarl8x@gmail.com). Thanks in anticipation

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