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Nigerian Entrepreneur Of The Week: Modupe Idowu Of DeeElsa Enterprises

In our continuous search of celebrating young enterprising Nigerians, we feature Nigerian Entrepreneurs that are not only Inspiring but also move you to take the step into the world of Entrepreneurship. In that light, Our Nigerian Entrepreneur of the day is a very Outspoken Lady who is open to Challenges and quite eager to Learn New Things and Innovate. Her Entrepreneurial Journey began during her service year and since then she has been able to stay Independent, Diligent and has also become a source of Youth Empowerment in Nigeria.

Our Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Day is: Modupe Idowu O. Of DeeElsa Enterprises

Dees Cocktails


Date of Birth: May 2nd 1991
Educational: Bsc Political Science. AAU Ekpoma
Hobbies: Playing Scrabble, Reading, Travelling, Mixology


Dees Cocktails Dees Cocktails

Name of Business: Dees Cocktails and Events(Subsidiary of DeeElsa Enterprises)

Main Services: Cocktails for Events, Ushering Services, Concept Developer for Events and Party Favours/ Souvenirs

Dees Cocktails  Dees Cocktails

Target Clients: Everyone, We all get to have events at some point, birthdays,weddings,anniversaries, bridal showers, baby showers etc

Location: Delta State, Lagos State but not limited to this areas, I go anywhere my job takes me


How I run my Day in this Business: I wake up Everyday thinking of Strategies and New Ways to promote my brands. I make sure I fulfill my client needs and exceed their expectations. I try hard to gain my clients trust so they don’t remain just clients but my family because without them I won’t exist.

Dees Cocktails

People I look Up to in the Industry: C.EO. Brad E Events, Zapphire Events, De LA Blooms Enterprises.

My Mentors: God and My Parents

If the Business has been Profitable: Yes, it has been profitable and yes I would encourage Youths to venture into it.

How I Respond to Competition: I have no competition only people I look up to on the business. The sky is wide enough for every bird to fly in so I don’t believe am competing with any one. The only competition I have is myself and I work toward being better than I was yesterday. I grow with every mistake I make thereby building me for greater heights.

Dees Cocktails

Initial Challenges: Finances, Penetrating the Events Industry, Fear of not being accepted, Meeting Up to Standards of Clients, Shuffling between States and Meeting Deadlines.

Being Able to Excel: Yes I have being able to excel within the short period of being in the industry and so far Its been great but I work towards greater. Am pulling through and the challenges I faced and still face pave way to grow me and make me a better person in the industry.

What My Brand Represents: We represent an hospitality Sector in the aspects of  drinks selection, ushering services and Party Favors. We help with the procurement and packaging of this services. In the aspect of concept development we create themes and give ideas to make your day not only successful but memorable. We take the stress off you.

Things I look out for in my Clients: Their personal Character, their Needs and their expectations.

Expansion Plans: Working on Becoming an Internationally known Brand and a Name that Would Linger In the Heart of My Clients and the Industry at Large.

Necessary Tools Needed to Start The Biz: Determination and Love for the Job


Dees Cocktails

Message to Youths Scared To Start:  Take the First Step, if you fail try again and don’t Stop Trying till you get it right.

Message to Both Fellow and Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Being an Entrepreneur is not a day’s job and it’s never easy at the beginning.  Stay Persistent and Constantly Improve Yourself. Don’t ever get comfortable  with where you are, be creative, explore and grow. Above all Fear God, Be Honest and have Integrity.

Message To Spread Media: Thank You for recognizing young biz owners and Entrepreneurs. You have Created a Ray of Hope for other youths and other aspiring entrepreneurs and for that we are grateful. More grease to Your Elbows.


Dees Cocktails Email: deescocktails3@gmail.com

Twitter: @deescocktails

Instagram: @deescocktails.events

Phone number: 08067171622

Whatsapp no: 07011498462

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