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Nigerian Entrepreneur of The Week: Maryam Adebola of Made Creations

The Nigerian Entrepreneurs of the Week Feature on The Spread Media Business Blog is one that truly inspires you To Do! We feature young Enterprising Nigerians who believe in conquering the world by making good use of the gifts, talents and skills they have.

Our Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Week, is an independent woman who has got so much passion for Fashion. She’s a change agent. Join her as she shares her Story on Entrepreneurship, you’ll be inspired. Pay attention.

Maryam Made Creations

Tell us! What’s your Story?

I am a strong and willing woman who is not afraid to try something new, my journey to being an entrepreneur started as a hobby, In fact I always knew i wanted to do something in fashion but i never thought of diving in full time until 2013 when I decided to handle businesses myself and not just be a CEO but be a creative director of my own fashion brand. It was not an easy decision as I had already started an interesting career in Human Resource Management and I did not have the capital to begin, no experience and no push at all. It was just my strong passion that helped me carry on.


  • Full Names: Maryam Adebola Salami
  • Date of Birth: 24/05/1990
  • Education: Bsc. Zoology, CIPMN, Fashion Design
  • Hobbies: Writing, Talking, Watching Fashion trends on TV and teaching moral ethics to younger ones.


  • Main Services of Business: Complete design and tailoring of weddings attires,
  • occasions and event ensemble for women.
  • Target Clients: strong women who know what they want and women who are on the journey of finding themselves.
  • Location of Business: Lagos, Nigeria

Made creation 10


  • What are your Business Strengths?

Hmmm, I must say it’s simply because I offer friendly consultations and I always familiarize myself with every single client, we have something for everyone as regards quality and pricing.

  • What are the Initial Challenges you faced when you started your Business? 

I still have challenges but first it was being able to understand the Nigerian market, how Nigerians see fashion. Apart from going to a fashion school and learning the Business of Fashion you have to be able to understand your clients and what they really need not just want.

  • What is that thing you wish you did differently?

I enjoyed every mistake I made because they all made me who I am today. I wouldn’t change anything other than starting earlier.

  • Who is your Main Inspiration: Business/Personal?

I am inspired by people and their different and amazing ways of living.

Made creations

  • What makes you different from your Competitors?

Is there really any competitor? Everyone is special for who they are, the world is as it is today because you are here. I go about my business learning, receiving and giving. I don’t see anyone as a competitor rather I’m more than willing to learn from my colleagues.

  • Would your Business still be around in 5 years?? Why do you think so?

Yes of course, the business would be around for as long as i am alive and why? Because it’s my passion. It goes beyond the financial benefits or fame; it’s a fulfillment of a lifetime.

  • What does it take to start a Business like yours?

It takes passion, skill and perseverance because trust me it’s not easy. I have been on for 5 years and I am still getting better.

  Made creations 4 Made creation 2

  • How has your Business made you a better person?

Meeting different people from different parts of the world and their own individual beliefa just helps me become a better service provider and a better human being.

  • In what ways have you given back to the Society?

I used to be a Slum 2 School volunteer and many other child support groups but I needed to find myself first and stand upright to be able to lift someone else up so as part of my year goals, I am going to continue supporting Child Education and empowering children in my community.

  • Do you currently have Expansion Plans? Can you share with us?

Yes but they are in view for another few years as we are still trying to get better with our current engagements.

  • Favorite Quote you live by:

I did not know what I wanted to do, but I knew the woman I wanted to be – DVF

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  • What would you like to tell the person who is scared for one reason or the other to start a Business?

If your goal isn’t bigger than your fears then you have no goal.

  • Message to other Entrepreneurs:

It never hurts to let someone into the room of knowledge; truth is everyone has something to offer. Don’t hurdle the experiences, the lessons, the pains and of course the success.

  • Message to Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

Do not be afraid, read a lot of books, have mentors and take that step,

  • Your Word for Spread Media:

 You have no idea how inspiring your website is and please don’t stop because a lot of people need the inspiration to carry on.

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Made Creations

Email: madeanswers@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/madecreations

Twitter: @made_creations

Instagram @made_creations

We hope you enjoyed reading.


It takes a lot for one to risk everything and journey into the exciting world of Entrepreneurship. You can Do It!!

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