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Nigerian Entrepreneur of The Day: Bruno Oaikhinan of Bruno’s Place

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Our Special Entrepreneur today is someone I really admire. When sharing Stories on this Business Blog of how Enterprising Nigerians start their Businesses, I always want to know what brought about the idea, what made them believe that “Oh Yes I Can Do It“, what got them into the mode of “Now is the time to start my own Business” I’m always eager to know what that is, I’m sure you are too.

Our Guest for today will be taking us on a journey, not just a journey but his journey of how he left his well – paying Banking Job to set up a Hair-Dressing Business which is taking the city of Lagos by Storm.

Meet our Nigerian Entrepreneur of The Day: Bruno Oaikhinan – Bruno’s Place

Bruno's Place


Tell us! What’s your Story?? **

I’m a Banker turned Hairstylist. I’m in the business of TRANSFORMING people at a very CONVENIENT price


Full Names: Bruno Oaikhinan

Date of Birth: October 6th, 1969

Education:B.sc Economics and a graduate of Orange Academy (First Branding School in. Africa)

Hobbies: Writing and reading


Bruno's Place

Name of Business:  Bruno’s Place (a Platform for stylists to express their creativity and themselves)

Main Services of Business:  Unisex Hair Salon

Target Clients:  Upward and mobile individuals

Location of Business:  Ikeja City Mall (Shoprite) Besides SilverBird Cinema

Bruno's Place bruno8


What are your Business Strengths: It’s a Convenient Place and we sell Transformation. Our strength lies in making our client look way better and premium once we are done.

What are the Initial Challenges you faced when you started your Business? Connecting with staff. They are the Major key success factor.

What is that thing you wish you did differently? Actually, none at the moment. Can’t really think of any.

Who is your Main Inspiration: Business/Personal? I love testimonies. Bobby Eke’s testimony of how he started out as a hair stylist really inspired me.

What makes you different from your Competitors? They build their businesses around people’s Needs but I build my around what people Want. There is a big difference between needs and want. Needs are a means to an end. The end is what people want.

Bruno's Place Bruno's Place

Would your Business still be around in 5years?? Why do you think so? Yes. We are building a brand and not just a business. Brands hardly die but businesses do

What does it take to start a Business like yours?? Have an idea first, be sacrificial and be passionate. These are what real investors look out for.

How has your Business made you a better person? It has made me the best version of myself

In what ways have you given back to the Society?? Being a Platform for stylists to express themselves and also being a role model to them. I presently have 24 hairstylists working with me.

Do you currently have Expansion Plans? Can you share with us? Yes. We are looking at doing Abuja and Port.Harcourt branches soon.

Favorite Quote you live by: With God, nothing shall be impossible

Bruno's Place Bruno's Place



What would you like to tell the person who is scared for one reason or the other to start a Business??  Start by acquiring knowledge about the business you would love to venture into. When that cup is full, it will overflow, in other words, what you know will set you free from fear.

Message to other Entrepreneurs: Learn how to sell yourself. People buy you first before they buy what you are selling.

Bruno's Place Bruno's Place

Message to would-be Entrepreneurs: Find your story. Learn how to convert your story into a product or service.

Your Word for Spread Media: Be a reliable platform. Big brands are becoming platforms for expression and they make big money.

Bruno's Place


Connect with Bruno’s Place

Email: sas_kingdomnews@yahoo.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boaikhinan

The truth is there’s nothing out there stopping you from starting that Business, absolutely nothing! We hope you enjoyed reading about Bruno’s Place. Don’t forget to drop a comment.

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