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Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Day: Bamitale Alimi of Recreations

Welcome once again to the Series that celebrates young Enterprising Nigerians who take the Business World by storm. Our Entrepreneur Today will be sharing her amazing Story how she started an outfit that would be with us for a very very long time. You will be inspired by her story [that’s exactly what we want].

We present to you our Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Day: Bamitale Alimi of Recreations
Bamitale Alimi of Recreations

Tell us! What’s your Story?? 

I am a fashion entrepreneur and my desire to start a fashion business was awakened during my MBA at the Lagos business school when we did a case study about Kate Spade, a fashion entrepreneur who successfully built and sold her global fashion business.

I went to fashion school just after secondary school, which is a compulsory vocational tradition in my family. I later went on to study Accounting and work for a couple of years. When I had my son and was having difficulty getting stylish clothes that fit for work, I had my light bulb moment and that led me to start Recreations. We focus on Recreating stylish staples for the upwardly mobile working class woman and her partner.


  • Full Names: Bamitale Alimi
  • Date of Birth: 7th January
  • Education: Bsc Accounting, MBA
  • Hobbies: Reading, writing, speaking and playing tennis

Bamitale Alimi of Recreations       Bamitale Alimi of Recreations


  • Name of Business: Recreations
  • Main Services of Business: Fashion manufacturing, wholesale and retail
  • Target Clients: Upwardly mobile working class between 25 and 45
  • What are your Business Strengths: We have become known as a leader in stylish work shirts. We plan to expand our product line next year.
  • What are the Initial Challenges you faced when you started your Business? The challenges I faced are: Producing clothes at the quality I desired due to poor quality mentality amongst artisans and Lack of access to long term capital
  • What is that thing you wish you did differently? I wish I worked a bit more in a more established fashion house especially internationally. It would have given me a better grip of all aspects of running a successful fashion business.
  • Who is your Main Inspiration: Business/Personal? My main inspiration is creating products that would truly empower people and make them feel better about themselves. God is a creator and I am like my Father.

Bamitale Alimi of Recreations       Bamitale Alimi of Recreations

  • What makes you different from your Competitors? My ability to continue innovating products and finding new ways to serve my customers better.
  • Would your Business still be around in 5years?? Why do you think so?  Yes it would. Because the fashion industry in Nigeria is still at its infancy dominated in the ready to wear segment which are played by foreigners. My business is positioning to be the foremost cosmopolitan brand of African origin to provide modern staples with an African understanding and this vision means we would be around for many more years.
  • What does it take to start a Business like yours?? Knowledge of the fashion industry, requisite technical and business skills, adequate capital or ability to source capital and Human resources.
  • How has your Business made you a better person? It has taught me to have a better customer service culture. It has made me a more patient yet driven person as I always strive to improve quality and grow the business.
  • In what ways have you given back to the Society?? I am passionate about empowering women whom I have shown through my blog: thefivestarwoman.blogspot.com and through my Empowering women series initiatives.
  • Do you currently have Expansion Plans? Can you share with us?  We plan to open our Flagship store by first quarter next year and expand our product line.
  • Favorite Quote you live by: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams-Eleanor Roosevelt. -I choose to dream big because playing small does not serve my world! Culled from Mae Angelo’s “Our Deepest Fear”

Bamitale Alimi of RecreationsBamitale Alimi of Recreations


Bamitale Alimi of Recreations

  • What would you like to tell the person who is scared for one reason or the other to start a Business?? I would say start preparing as preparation gives you greater confidence. I would also say when you have prepared adequately, start small, think big and scale as fast as you can. Do it afraid!
  • Message to other Entrepreneurs: Persistence is important because entrepreneurship is a tough journey and only the persistent win.
  • Message to would-be Entrepreneurs: Decide to set up a business doing something you love, and learn all you can about the industry before your set out. Capital is extremely important to ensure that your business has a chance at survival. If possible, gets some work experience doing what you want to do as an entrepreneur; it would go a long way in building a successful business.
  • Your Word for Spread Media: I am in awe of your consistency and persistence Titi and her team. Your passion is evidenced by how you do your work. I wish you greatness as you take this platform to new levels of growth and exposure.



Website: www.recreationsng.com

Email: tale@recreationsng.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Recreationsng

Twitter: @taleofrecreatio

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