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Nigerian Entrepreneur Of The Week: Animashaun Olawale, CEO of Int’l Sahar Clothing

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In promoting Entrepreneurship in Nigeria, we are always so excited to promote Enterprising Nigerians who have taken the bold step into the World of Entrepreneurship. Our Nigerian Entrepreneur of The Week is someone who will inspire you to do more. Enjoy

Spread Media presents The Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Day

Meet  Animashaun Olawale, CEO/ Creative brand Director of Intl Sahar Clothing Co.

Tell us! What’s your Story

I officially started this brand in the last quarter of 2011, a couple of months after my Youth service, and then I had a 9-5 commission job as a sales rep @ a prestigious Hotel and Resort Company in Ikeja. A few months into discovering my passion for cloth designing, I called it quit as a Sales rep and decided to give a 100 into making urban outfits. I termed that decision “Passion over Paycheck”. That is probably one of the boldest step I have taken in my career.


  • Full Names: Olawale Animashaun
  • Date of Birth: 15th February
  • Education: B.Sc Biochemistry | NIM
  • Hobbies: Football and Reading



  • Name of Business:     Int’l Sahar Clothing Co.
  • Main Services of Business: Style and wardrobe consulting, clothing designs and branding for individuals and
  • Target Clients: Young and metro-sexual individuals, companies, churches and corporate bodies who intend to express/ pass a message across through fashion.
  • Location of Business: Aguda, Surulere, Lagos


  • What are your Business Strengths:

I work with a team of creative experts and we really put our efforts into making/ designing each of our pieces seeing through the eyes of the client and surpassing their expectations. No man is an island so one of our strengths is working as a team to creatively design pieces that our clients would easily fall in love with.


  • What are the Initial Challenges you faced when you started your Business?

Every young Nigerian entrepreneur faces the problem of raising that 1st capital, then after which the issue of staff loyalty and meeting up with targets due to lack of social amenities in the society like electricity, good roads and many more. Regardless of all a dedicated entrepreneur would rise above all these and do the best in his/her chosen field.

  • What is that thing you wish you did differently? Nothing really…always GRATEFUL.
  • Who is your Main Inspiration: Business/Personal? Chris Rock
  • What makes you different from your Competitors? Dexterity, Staying true, Passion and Love …I love every piece that I’ve designed like my own baby….
  • Would your Business still be around in 5 years?? Why do you think so?

Yes, most definitely….cause we are building a brand on a very creative and solid foundation with very dedicated and loyal team members (pillars)…we can only get bigger or bigger.

  • What does it take to start a Business like yours??

Int'l Sahar

It takes a lot of passion and dedication. You also need to be very spontaneous, creative and focused. Before one can start such a business it is pertinent to learn the rudiments of it all, so that you can deliver to your clients something beyond their expectations.

  • How has your Business made you a better person?

It has really made me an outstanding man manager and a very productive team player.

  • In what ways have you given back to the Society??

bdayInt’l Sahar clothing Co on several occasions have visited Orphanage homes and not just visited them but provided them with items that put smiles on their faces and even gave them pieces from our Kiddies collection.

We also offer free coaching lessons for young people who have a flare for the business and are willing to learn on the job. Most of them now are stand-alone clothiers and are doing quite well also.

  • Do you currently have Expansion Plans? Can you share with us? Yes we do have really huge plans, we are currently working on Launching new outlets/Showroom in other parts of the nation so that our monthly collections can be easily accessible to our ever growing client base.
  • Favorite Quote you live by: Exposure enhances your success.


Intl Sahar

  • What would you like to tell the person who is scared for one reason or the other to start a Business? I would simply say your dreams would only remain dreams if you don’t put work into making them a reality. No man has ever achieved anything by being scared, it is the daring people that make something good out of their chosen paths. No one has ever survived a war with there gun on safety.
  • Message to other Entrepreneurs: To keep up the good work and encourage others as well. We should not stop until Nigerian Entrepreneurs both in fashion and other fields become internationally recognized.
  • Message to Aspiring Entrepreneurs: If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. Dedication and hard work is key. Those who work tenaciously to achieve their life dreams are the ones the world ends up celebrating.The skyscraper was once a slab of stones. Never give up!
  • Your Word for Spread Media: Keep up the good work, keep spreading word out and helping businesses grow.

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Website: www.intlsahar.com

Email: intlsaharclothingco@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/intlsaharclothingco

Twitter: @intlsaharclothn

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