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Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Day: (Mr Wood) Ajibola Oluwasegun of WoodChronicles

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Spread Media presents our Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Day: Ajibola Oluwasegun of WoodChronicles.

Meet Ajibola Oluwasegun of Woodchronicles Consult. A Microbiologist from the Lagos State University. In his words, “I have always wish to work for myself since I was in high school so the hustling and bustling began way back after I left high school. In the course of working from place to place, I got an opportunity to work with an Interior company that I chose to work with for free for a whole year without salary or wages only to learn and understudy my boss in the field of interior work. At this time, there was alot of critics from people even my brother, asking if I really knew what I was doing”.

WoodChronicles Consult

At this time, Segun was already nursing his passion in the aspect of woodwork interiors, his Boss noticed and started to assign woodwork tasks to him. After a year of hands-on Project Management for the Company, his passion and interest had grown to a point that it was ready to explode. This lead to Woodchronicles which actually means “Wood Stories”. Woodchronicles was borne out of passion to bring about a difference in the Woodwork industry. Woodchronicles aims to go the extra mile in providing wide range of quality woodwork services that provides timeless beauty and increase in value through the years.      


Full Names: Ajibola Oluwasegun Kunle

Date of Birth: 26th December

Schools Attended: Lagos State University (Bsc), Connecticut Valley Academy (Basic Certificate in Wood Turning)

Hobbies: Driving, meeting new people and thinking


Name of Business: Woodchronicles Consult

Main Services of Business: Making Bespoke Furniture, Training and Outsourcing of Woodwork Technical Personnel to Furniture Companies

Target Clients: Construction firms, Architects, and individuals with interest to equipping their spaces with bespoke furniture.

Our training Academy is targeted at the youth with interest to build a career in woodworking.


Location of Business: 12, Ilupeju Industrial Avenue, Ilupeju Lagos. Nigeria

Strengths: Our strength lies in the strength of God, coupled with inner creativity and thinking ability  

Initial Challenges faced: Basically it was with traditional carpentry. Many disappointment in delaying of client’s job, challenge of having to stay with them while working for proper supervisions. Lack of commitment and lots more!


Main Inspiration: Inspiration! Inspiration!! Inspiration!!! I get inspired whenever I see any finished woodwork, either  by me or someone else because, I’ll look round and over the work to get details of the part that is not well fixed and plan on how to do it better next time. Mostly, my passion for woodwork ginger me to do more even when it’s not going good.

Distinctive Qualities from Competitors: We try as much as we can to be competitive in pricing, making our services affordable without compromising qualities.

Vision of Business in 5-10years: We hope to see the industry blooming with indigenous excellent oriented mindset, put an end to expatriate from other countries.

Favorite Quote: “Millionaire don’t make lot of money, they make lots of people”



Message to other Entrepreneurs: I believe many resources has failed us as a country, even University was meant to be ahead of the society but unfortunately, society has been at the fore front of university. Our human resources are key, let us all make it a point of duty not to fail this country. 

Message to would-be Entrepreneurs: Well all I will say is that, it is in you, find it, build it and lunch it for the world to see. “When you get to the top, you will become a topic” see you at the TOP.



Website: www.woodchronicles.wordpress.com

Email: woodchronicles@live.com

Facebook: Wood Chronicles

Twitter: @woodchonicles


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