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Here’s How To Get Your Small Business Employee More Productive in 2015

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As a Small Business Owner, your employee productivity is always a major concern and especially now that competition has become fierce and good talent is scarce. SMEs strive to get the best of their current workforce for them to remain in business.

In this article, I will be sharing some very useful ideas that would help Businesses enhance the productivity of their workforce in 2015. Are you keen on enhancing the performance of your workforce in 2015? I would advise you to digest this article and encourage everyone in your organization to do the same.

They are simple and easy ides to implement and they are:

Employee Productivity

No. 1 – Ensure that employees are clear on the goals of the organization for the year

Are all the leaders and their team members in the various departments of your organization clear on where the organization is heading in the year 2015? Get all the employees to understand the goals of the organization for the year 2015, ensure that they are constantly reminded through very creative ways all through the year.

No. 2 – Show appreciation for their employees efforts

Do employees feel appreciated in your organization? Does your Business ensure that employees are properly rewarded for their contribution to the organization? A lot of Businesses have been able to use appreciation as a strategic tool to getting employees to do more, what’s stopping you? Use appreciation today as a tool to increase productivity in your organization.

No. 3 – Listen and respond appropriately to feedback from employees

Does your Business have a well-managed feedback system? Is feedback from employees received and addressed appropriately? Are employees free to give feedback without the fear of being castigated for speaking out? To enhance productivity, SMEs must be willing to listen to feedback from employees and act on time and appropriately.

No. 4 – Create an environment that encourages collaboration amongst employees

Does your organization’s culture allow employees to work together as a team? Does the culture reinforce collaboration amongst workers? For the organization to achieve its goals for this year, employees must be encouraged to work together. They must be trained to see that teamwork can greatly magnify individual effort and enhance the overall productivity of the organization.

No. 5 – Provide the right information and tools that would aid productivity

Is knowledge sharing encouraged in your organization? Leaders must ensure that they constantly provide employees with the right information and other tools that would help enhance their productivity. It is important that employees have easy access to the kind of knowledge they need to be productive on their jobs.

No. 6 – Ensure Your leaders are showing the right examples

Can leaders be seen as role models for the rest of the team in your organization? Leaders within your organization must provide the rest of the team with the right examples. If productivity is important to your Business in this New Year, then leaders must be productive. An employee’s productivity is greatly influenced by the level of productivity of his/her manager.

No. 7 – Ensure employees are rightly placed within the organization

Does your recruitment process ensure that employees are rightly placed in units where they can function optimally? The recruitment process in your organization must ensure that from the start, employees are placed in departments that match their abilities and interests. Get this right from the start and you don’t have to repeat this process. Right placement is key in maximizing an employee’s performance.

If ideas shared in this article are implemented in your organization, I am sure that there would be positive changes across various departments.

No matter how small your Business is, ensure you implement this and you’ll definately notice changes.

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Obaro Aziza
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Obara Aziza is a HR Consultant with Wisight Consulting passionate about Personal Development and Inspiring People to Be Better.
  1. Soki Briggs Reply

    Thanks for these tips. Already implementing some without even noticing.
    Although the second point is clear, sometimes I feel it creates an atmosphere for jealousy & envy when same employee keeps getting rewarded.

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