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Digging The Hole

​I have come to learn that the simple things in life are the most important. Now, I believe in the power of small ideas.I have come to learn that there is still so much for me to learn. Because of these reasons, I laid my mind bare to learn new lessons and even looking forward to learn also from old lessons ones.

I picked up a new book from my archive, titled “Guide to management ideas”. It is a very interesting book. The writer, at some point was comparing Michellin Tyre and Firestone operations, very interesting comparison. Just at that point, an incident I saw a day before that hit me so fast. I guessed, the word “Tyre” was the anchor word. Just a day before, I saw a car stocked in mud. I am sure we must have seen or heard of same incident before now. But, I learned a vital lesson this time around, may it was my decision that opened up my subconscious mind to learning or it was an exercise I put myself through to learn ten new lessons from old experiences. Allow me to paint the picture of what I saw and I interpreted it you.

​It was a public bus in front of me. In this part of the word​, we refer to our public bus (18-seater) as “Yellow bus” and the bigger one as “Danfo”​​. This was not Danfo but a yellow bus. As usual, the body parts are almost falling off coupled with fact that it was overloaded with passengers and loads.

So, there was this bridge under construction which of course is not fit to pass but an alternative route was made under the bridge by the local drivers, we call it “shortcut”. The road is muddy and very rough so every driver has to be careful when passing through the alternative route and of course  there are many cars and buses trying to pass through the shortcut which usually causes “hold-up”, we call it “go-slow”. This very bus driver in my front got stocked in the mud just ahead of me. The more he tried to get out of the mud, the more he dug the hole deeper. ​

The driver kept the engine running as if it is on a normal road and keep rolling the Tyre just trying to get out. But unfortunately, the more he tried the more he dug the hole deeper. He could go on like that all day trying to get out  but he would obviously have kept digging deeper, except if there was an external push and reduced it’s loads and empty it’s passengers. I have seen this scenario many times but the the question I asked this time around was “Why would he keep the engine up and trying so hard with all the loads and passengers to get out of the mud all by himself?” The reason why he did that and why we do that all the time because, we try to “equate inertia with inaction”.

car stuck

We are often like this when we are in business trouble, crisis, problem or mess. We keep digging trying to find a way out. We only need to STOP the car​ and think for a way out. Step back from the situation in your mind and try to see what you can do to solve the problem​
​ Besides, our minds should be prepared for possibilities of problems and envisaged solutions. Situations are meant to teach us something all the time.​ When soldiers are not in battle, they keep themselves in a state of active preparedness. We need to understand that inaction does not mean that nothing is going on. Next time, take a break to study, get help (external push)​, think and get prepared to solve the problem.
​ ​
The world only celebrate solutions​ and not problems.​

​My point exactly is that “stop digging that hole, think, get help, then you can get out of it.”

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Tomisin Ajiboye
About the Author
Tomisin is into Idea management, problem solving. He is also a Creativity Consultant at Solvere Word Consult and the Author: Crazetivity Seriex, CIDPIE creativity process model, Midde 1.0. Founder: #InspireMonday (www.inspiremonday.com), Creative Entrepreneur Organization CEO

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