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Business Lessons Learnt from The Dabira Woman Business Network

The Dabira Woman Business Network is a Business Network Platform which encourages like-minded Nigerian Business Women in development of themselves, their businesses and also development of co-members businesses through links and referrals. The network helps female entrepreneurs by equipping them with the right business and leadership skills, create new business opportunities and access funds.

I recently attended one of the meetings of The Dabira Woman Business Network and it was really amazing. I took a lot of notes down and knew I had to share because I believe The Spread Media Business Blog readers will benefit from what I’ll be sharing shortly.

However, the truth is the problem SME owners have is that they are the CEO, the Marketer, The Staff and also the office boy, with all of these duties combined it is pretty hard to thoroughly handle a single role let alone concentrate or improve their marketing efforts. This post helps to explain better on how to solve that problem as regards marketing.

Dabira Woman Business Network

The Speaker of the day was Joshua Rozario, a young and pioneering Personal Brand Strategist & Consultant, Marketer, Speaker and Entrepreneur with an avid pursuit for innovation and a passion of working with Professionals, Thoughts Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Students and Start-ups. You can know more about Josh here: www.joshuarozario.com.

Joshua shared insights on the topic Low-Cost Marketing

Low-Cost Marketing refers to ways by which Nigerian Female Entrepreneurs can market their products and services without breaking the Bank. Some of the effective ways of Low-Cost Marketing can be seen below:

The first way to start will be:

The Elevator Pitch:

  • Present yourself, make a impression within 20-30 secs
  • Always write down about your business so that you can also remember it.
  • Talk about the name and about your Business, why you are better and different than others

 A sample could be:

  • I am Amaka Titilayo Okoli, I  run an Online Expansion Platform for Nigerian Entrepreneurs and Would-be  Entrepreneurs called Spread Media available at www.spreadmediang.com
  • What makes us different is  that we pride ourselves in showcasing Nigerian Entrepreneurs and also giving would-be Entrepreneurs the opportunity to take that step and become Business Owners themselves. 

YOUR USP: What makes your Business Unique?

  • Entrepreneurs should remember that Branding is used to create Identity, it is required in making that mark on what makes something unique and who the owner is.
  • If it’s not unique and different, please shut it down
  • What’s your differentiating factor? You must blow your trumpet
  • Think about words that create or make your business look different or unique.
  • SO WHAT” –Always ask yourself that

Formula to define your USP: What are you best at and why? What’s your Competitive Advantage?

Monday is for Marketing: Take out one day in the week solely for Marketing. You have to be in a state of doing regular work to be able to do marketing.

On Business Cards: Different Brands for Different Services [But Same Company]

  • Keep your Card clean, just enough information for people to know
  • Always use your Country code when writing your numbers
  • Look Premium if you want Premium Customers
  • Don’t make your card too complicated and also Don’t make your logo lost

On Loyalty Schemes:

Loyalty Programs

  • Give Discounts [15% or 10% discount]
  • Examples: Show Business Card for a 10% Discount
  • Always have Loyalty Programs or Coupons to reward your Customers, this brings repeat business and also involves Word of Mouth Marketing


On Digital Marketing [Social Media + Any other form of Online Marketing]

  • Never use your Personal Profile for your Business FanPage
  • Tools like HootSuite help in sharing your posts around your network
  • Pictures speak volumes, use amazing pictures to spark interest.

On Business Emails and Customers Database

  • Try to send out  Newsletters sometimes
  • Tools: MailChimp, MailCliq, CRM Tool by Zoho.com, you can also get a free mobile CRM App, Bitrix24.com [CRM, Task Management, Mobile App Development with Free Plans]
  • Never Sell anything in your Newsletters, Never Solicit for Business
  • Do ensure your Contact Details are there and always send a test mail to yourself to preview your email
  • Always get customer’s details
  • Ask for References
  • Take Testimonials

These and many more were some of the tips shared during the Dabira Woman Business Network Meet-up. There was also a showcase of some Nigerian Female Entrepreneurs who displayed their products for all to see.

Dabira Woman Business Network Dabira Woman Business Network Dabira Woman Business Network Dabira Woman Business Network Dabira Woman Business Network   Dabira Woman Business Network

It was truly a wonderful time learning with other female entrepreneurs. To know more about The Dabira Women Business Network and their upcoming Meet-ups, do feel free to visit: www.dabirawoman.com

Like we always say, feel free to share this post, someone you know needs it.

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