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Welcome to the Creative Business Column on The Spread Media Business Blog. This column is intended to be both Inspiring and Practical, to offer some great ideas for building Creative Businesses, yet at the same time warn that it’s not easy. It is for Startups and Established Enterprises, Large and Small. It aims to be readable as a whole and also useful to refer back to. The Creative Business Column will be handled by Tomisin Ajiboye. Take from this column what’s useful to you as and when it suits you and leave the rest for other people or for another day. You are in for a Blast. Welcome!

Creative Business

Doing Business in Nigeria

Can you keep a secret? If I hear ‘NO’, please keep reading but if your answer is ‘YES’, here is your stop. You are welcome to this mind opening truth which will be very useful for both startups and entrepreneurs. They contain simple facts that many of us overlooked in starting or...
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My name is Tomisin Ajiboye. My life is a story of one grain of sand, a life of seeking and finding and further exploration. Always seeking the lost crunch of Steve Job’s apple. I have often wondered “what makes one person seek challenge and difficulty and another stability and...
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Business Tips: 5 Creative Tips for a Strong Start

Hi Business Lovers, We welcome our New Guest Blogger on The Spread Media Business Blog, Tomisin Ajiboye of InspireMonday.com. He will be sharing Creative Business Tips on Starting your Own Business. Are you ready to learn? Bet you are!! To start a Business, you need to have a...
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