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I was invited to train some medical practitioners late last year on “Standing out Creatively in Professional Career.” It was a tough topic for me because I had to relate it to medical terms, until it came to mind that medical terms might as well be the new box. Since I did not want to box myself up, I took my thinking out of the whole scenario and programme to get something different.  Hooray! I got something out of the ordinary that left my medical audience inspired and informed on how to stand out in their professional career.

Today I will share with you the powerful principles I taught them but relating it to business. It is a simple principle that will open your mind to details and excellence. It will teach you how to stand out in your various businesses. This is a principle I got from a chair.

Have you ever been stressed out from standing or walking that you need to sit down or just relax? Then a chair would be important to you than talking, eating or sleeping. You just need to sit down.

A chair we often disregard as unimportant, tossed around without minding. A chair that does not seem a factor of productivity. Sometimes, we even stretch out our legs on it as a form of relaxation.

How many times have people disregarded you, tossed you around? Those times when it seems nobody remembers you or care about what you are capable of? Here is what you need to do. You need to know and understand what a C.H.A.I.R really is and its application to business.

1. Creativity – I walked into a furniture show room recently to refresh my taste of excellence. We understand that Nigeria’s harsh conditions can rob one of excellent mind pictures. Therefore, you should take it upon yourself to go visit and feel and refresh your mind. As I walked in that day, I saw many works that caught my attention, especially settees; they were excellently beautiful in their various colours. My point is that, furniture-makers can be creative with chairs. They make them in different styles, colors, sizes and shapes. Just like humans too, we are a show of creativity, it is high time we learned to put creativity into our businesses. Position your business creatively and that will make it impossible for people not to need you at all.
2. Help – What is a chair to you? A tool, help, wooden material, art work??? What exactly has a chair been to you? I don’t want to be indulgent but a chair has always been our help even though we have never said a ‘thank you’ in appreciation of what it is doing. Do we even tuck it in properly after use? Now, let us check how our business works; has your business been committed to total help without expecting any form of appreciation in return? Customers/clients ought to see your business as form of convenience, where they can approach to get cooperate or packaged help, solutions to their wants or problems.
Help in another sense of it could mean your employees. Just like a chair and its table, they complement each other. Your business needs such help, make more research on how to recruit the best that will complement what you do.
3. Advancement – A chair as we use to know it in those days have totally changed. I remember, back in my primary school days when my class teacher had to sit on a chair totally made of wood and even student chairs too. The story has changed. Now, chairs come in different covers. Your business cannot remain the way you started it, fresh ideas must always be produced and implemented for advancement. Customer demands will change, market strategy will change, and business owner mindsets must change too. Coca cola in 1980 is not the same coca cola in 2014.
4. Irresistible – Can you resist a chair when you are tired or you have to work? Can you discard a chair when you need to rest your back? I doubt. Make your business irresistible with astounding customer service, well packaged service/product and a respectable brand representation. Remember, anyone will prefer to sit on a leather chair with a back rest than a bench.
5. Reap – Pricing is a serious issue in businesses and it is a major reason why many businesses and their owners don’t get to reap as much as they have invested in for a very long time. Reward is important to every business and its owner, it will encourage you and your business to move another mile forward. Reward yourself according to the profit capacity of your business, no matter how low or how high.

Finally, I will ask you this question “if you or your business is removed, who will feel inconvenienced”?

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Tomisin Ajiboye



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Tomisin Ajiboye
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Tomisin is into Idea management, problem solving. He is also a Creativity Consultant at Solvere Word Consult and the Author: Crazetivity Seriex, CIDPIE creativity process model, Midde 1.0. Founder: #InspireMonday (www.inspiremonday.com), Creative Entrepreneur Organization CEO
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