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Business Resources

Strike The Anvil, Entrepreneurship Web Series Premieres

So many individuals have business ideas but don’t know how to go about pursuing and monetizing them. Some believe their idea is the next big thing, but lack the required capital or drive to set up the business. Truth is, any entrepreneurial venture is not a child’s play. It takes...
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EDC Is Giving You An Opportunity To Share Your Enterprise Story With The World

I never forget this quote by Marianne Williamson – Our Deepest Fear, a part of the quote says, As Business Owners, some of us feel scared to even tell others about what we do. You might think this isn’t true but I have encountered a few Business Owners who felt very...
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Apply For The Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme | One Million Naira Grant Available

Young Entrepreneurs in Nigeria now have an opportunity to get up to 1 Million Naira Grant to start or grow their business through the maiden edition of the Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme 2015. The 2015 Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme is an initiative of the Young Business...
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Business Book Alert! Brand Famous – How to get everyone talking about your business by Linzi Boyd

What does Branding mean to you and your Business? I’ll let you guess! Your Brand Name? Your Logo? Wrong!!! What you mentioned could be unique identifiers for your Brand but really how does Branding help your Business you might ask. To make you understand, i’ll like...
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Register Now For The Women of Vision Mentorship Program! Hurry!!

The Women of Vision by Diamond Woman represents women who were able to stand against all odds ,dream the dream, take the stand, stumble and fall but get up yet again.  To push the boundaries beyond where they stood.  To challenge the norm even when others could not see.  To...
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Charlize Theron Covers June/July Edition of Forbes Woman Africa

Forbes Woman Africa is a pan-African publication that navigates the world of business for women, with features on the latest trends in the corporate sector and how its architecture speaks to women. In line with this, it features the wealthy, powerful, influential and those women...
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Ecobank SME Club in Partnership with EDC Introduce Two New Initiatives for SMEs. Apply Today!!

Don’t we just love when Nigerian Banks continuously support our Businesses. The Ecobank SME Club by Ecobank aims to provide preferential Business Support and tailored products and services to its teeming customers across the country. The SME Club serves as a platform for...
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Business Book Of The Week: A-Z Of Personal Finance by Nimi Akinkugbe

As its our practice on The Business Resources Section of The Spread Media Business Blog, we’ve got a new book as our Business Book of The Week. This Book covers the beginning to end of something which is very important in our everyday lives, not just that but also in...
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Female Tech Entrepreneurs, Listen Up! Apply Today for the Huawei-She Leads Africa Fellowship

The Huawei-She Leads Africa Fellowship is the first program of its kind to provide female tech entrepreneurs from across Africa the opportunity to visit China and receive a behind the scenes experience at the technology giant. Fellows will also be able to network with peer...
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