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Get Smart! Create that Multi-Million Dollar Business Idea!!

The process of conceptualizing  ideas doesn't have to be mystical.  Idea generation is not reserved for 
'visionaries ' or 'mad scientist's'. Ordinary people like you and I can come up with great ideas that can 
become Multi-Million Naira empires.

Here's a quote by Steve Jobs

"Creating is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a
 little guilty because they didn't really do it,they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a 
That's because they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things. And the 
reason they were able to do that was that they've had more experience or they have thought more 
about their experiences than other people."

Business Ideas
Have you ever wondered how large technology organizations come up with new products yearly? Before 
you get used to a new model another one is out, it's almost impossible to keep up with the various 'new 

Imagine a typical product development brainstorming session in these companies, do you think people sit 
in silence and carry out deep meditation so as to come up with the next big product that would yield billionsof dollars? I don't think so.

These Companies make use of tools that allow them create products and services that people want and are ready to pay for. Before telling you about some of the techniques used by these organizations, let's talk 
about something important;

Any idea that doesn't meet the needs of people is at best a celebrated hobby! So since you want to create a Multi-Million Dollar enterprise,you would need to come up with a product or service that actually solves
people's problems. You're thinking shouldn't be 'How do I generate an idea that will fetch me millions' it 
should be 'How can I help people solve their problems'

Now that we have established the fact that multi-million Dollar ideas are those that actually meet people's need,the next thing to consider is 'Creativity'

After identifying the need or problem you want to help people solve, the execution of your idea has to be 
different. No idea is really novel to a single individual, however the 'WAY' each person executes their idea iswhat makes them standout.

OK, remember my question how do successful organizations conceptualize ideas? I will show you two 
simple techniques:

1. The Constraint Technique:

Essentially, this technique involves you intentionally creating constraints to your idea. You basically take 
an idea that is common and include a constraint or take out an important aspect of the idea to invent a new 
For example, let's look at the Twitter platform. Why is Twitter different from Facebook? They are both 
social media platforms however twitter placed a character constraint of 140 characters.

This technique involves combining two different concepts or more to create a new idea.
Let's consider the ATM machine. Before it was invented the following machines existed calculators,the
television, the monitor, Printers and the Answering machine.

To create the ATM machine the former ideas had to be combined to invent a new machine.

Hope you can see why  conceptualizing ideas doesn't have to be mysterious.

These techniques are not exhaustive as their are others used by Organizations.

Have you developed an Idea using any of these techniques or others not mentioned?? Feel Free to share!!

Thanks for Reading :) 

About the Author:
Temitope Adewoye Jeenager
Temitope Is a lawyer and a social entrepreneur. She writes regularly
on her blog www.jeenager.com
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