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Business Book Alert! Brand Famous – How to get everyone talking about your business by Linzi Boyd

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What does Branding mean to you and your Business? I’ll let you guess! Your Brand Name? Your Logo? Wrong!!! What you mentioned could be unique identifiers for your Brand but really how does Branding help your Business you might ask. To make you understand, i’ll like you to answer a few questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What does your Business represent?
  • How would you want your Business to be perceived by others?

Our Business Blog Of The Week would help you answer some of these questions and also help you make your business a house-hold name. As A Business Owner, you shouldn’t let your business fade into the background. It’s time to STAND OUT and get seen! There are so many brands out there – in all sectors – you need yours to shine above the competition.

Our Business Blog of the Week is:

Brand Famous – How To Get Everyone Talking About Your Business by Linzi Boyd

brand famous


“I am convinced that there are many people out there who are capable of big things, they just don’t know the steps to make it happen” – Linzi Boyd.

Linzi Boyd As Serial Entrepreneur, Linzi set up her first business (a premium clothes store in Leeds) at the age of 18, and sold it aged 20 at a time when most of her friends were studying at University.  Four years later, when she was 24, Linzi sold her second company (a successful Footwear brand), which had seven global distribution channels, to Caterpillar. The shoes were championed in the design Museum as design classics.

At the age of 25, Linzi was onto her third business, Surgery Group. Over its 15-year history Surgery has become renowned for influencing an industry, creating exciting projects, launching brands into the market and helping elevate some of the countries most famous high-street consumer brands that are well respected and known today.

Linzi Boyd, a savvy entrepreneurial brand guru whose glamorous communications agency has helped elevate some of the country’s most famous high-street, consumer brands,  in this book she outlines a winning formula for success, from idea to execution, along with hidden branding secrets, practical tips and real life examples.


In the book, Brand Famous, Linzi maps out five stages to work through from discovering the true essence of your brand to nailing that all-important recognition. You can use the same exact tools and processes that Linzi uses with some of the country’s most famous brands.

  • Discover what tactics will actually make your business or product a desirable, recognizable brand
  • Learn how to maximize ‘new school’ branding approaches for today’s consumer world
  • Gain insights on common mistakes to avoid when building your brand
  • Read about some of Linzi’s recent PR campaigns from top fashion and music brands
  • Learn the five-step process required to achieve stand out status.

The Book – Brand Famous is the right tool to guide you as an SME to get people talking non-stop about your Business. Get Reading Today. Available on Amazon > HERE


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