Don’t act like a SCAMMER! Get PROFESSIONAL with your Business

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As a business owner, no matter how small your Business is, your business should have a professional image at all times.

You have to learn to stop sending mails to clients using free email services like Yahoo email,Gmail,Hotmail,Ymail,etc. Enhance the business’ corporate image by using a Business Email Solution.


You’re a prospective client and you get a Business Proposal from two Ice-block Making Companies.

Company A’s Business Proposal via their Business Email (

Company B’s Business Proposal via their Business Email (

Without any form of bias now, which would you open first??

The truth is that anyone can create a Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail,etc with any username that they want and act like whoever they want to. Doing business with someone that has a professional business email shows how important that business is to the owner because its been paid for.

Free Emails Services make your prospective clients think

  • You are too cheap to get a “real” email address
  • You are not tech savvy
  • You don’t care about the impression you give
  • You are less Professional
  • You are less likely to Trust
  • You are a Spammer

But this client hasn’t even read your mail……well that’s the perception they have of you without even reading your mail. remember *first impression matters*


Using free emails services like (,,,,,etc) when marketing a product/service makes it look inferior,asides from presenting a professional image with every email you send out, Business Email Hosting offers benefits that truly help your business.

  • Having your own business email shows that you are here to stay
  • Personalized Business Emails shows some level of organization
  • You don’t look like a spammer
  • It shows how serious you are, etc

Businesss Email Hosting in Nigeria


  • It’s Reliable and Secure
  • It has Spam and Virus protection
  • It gives administrative controls that gives you the ability to set up mailboxes and permissions to each user.(For businesses with more than one employees)
  • It is cost effective
  • Auto-responders: Out-of-office reply
  • Web-mail Access
  • Mobile Accessibility- Your emails are accessible on your Mobile Device(Nokia,Blackberry,Iphone,etc)
  • You can send/receive heavy attachments.
  • You can create many email address connected to your business name i.e,
  • Etc

I’m sure now you’re wondering why you missed some business deals, Trust might have been one of them considering the name of the mailbox your email is coming from. Remember (

Most times, free services do more harm than good. The great news about Business Email Hosting is that Spread Media which is a platform for helping businesses expand via online tools offers Complete Business Email Solutions just for your Business.

Business Email Solutions come in different attractive and cost-effective packages:


8000  PER YEAR

15000 PER YEAR


Pick the Right Package for your Business and Get in touch with Spread MEDIA and your Business Email is ready within 24hours.


We hope you’ve been able to understand why you should stay away from Free Email Services and GET PROFESSIONAL with your Business.

Like we always say,

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Titilayo Ama

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