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Hi There,

Today, I’ll be showing you some Small Businesses you can start with the lowest Capital possible or with no Capital at all.

Let’s start with me, way back in school, I had a Laptop, a printer, a camera, and knowledge on how to get phones connected to the internet in a snap (even with free browsing, lol) If you remember, while in school you did a lot of typing of assignments and all that. I was fortunate then to be among the first people in school that had a laptop, one day as I laid on my bed, I just said to myself, I can start a business center o. I missed out something, I can type extremely fast sometimes I don’t understand how I do it, lol.

I rushed to my table, opened Microsoft Word and designed an advert. I named my Business Center­­­-TAG Business Center (I used the first letter of my close friends then). In the advert, I stated that I can help Type and Print your assignments, if you’re having Birthday Parties in School, I can take pictures and help you print them and even give all of them to you in a flash. I take Passports, I help rid your flashdrives,mp3 players of viruses, help connect your phones for free browsing, etc. I was so excited, I went down to the Notice Board and pasted my advert and voila TAG Center opened. I didn’t have to spend too much money asides money for Paper and Ink. It was amazing.

If you remember, I was just lying on my bed when the idea popped. I was fortunate enough to have the tools but I had the skill. Your case might be a different but the truth is we all have different skills deposited in us. Here I am today, I was a guru in blog visiting, at work I was called Information Minister because if you ask me a question before u complete it I’m on the Internet and I’ll provide you with the right answers.

Well enough about me, I’m going to list out some Small Businesses you can do on your own at our own time and you’ll still maintain your 9-5job or it won’t bother your Schooling. It might be a little cumbersome at first, trying to get everything together but when everything is in place, you’ll do just fine.


Listen guys, I’m not saying that once you touch any of this businesses you’re automatically Rich but like everything you do in life, it needs serious Dedication, Hard work and some strict business sense.

Well, this list is for people that would want another stream of Income while they do their normal ‘salary’ jobs or people who are unemployed and want to get themselves involved in something before they get their jobs or simply for someone or anyone who isn’t doing anything at the moment.

They include but not limited to:

  1. Selling Fruits: As we all know,Fruits is good for our bodies anyday anytime. You start a Business out of this by making these fruits readily available and also very appealing too. A good example of this Business is JUST FRUITS
  2. Home Tutoring could be providing Private Computer Trainings
  3. Weight Loss Classes: Trust me, if you’re good in this, you’ll find yourself making so much money by helping people lose weight.
  4. Information Marketing: Which is one of the things I’m into. I never believed I would be doing this but remember once you dream it you can achieve it. You must know something about something, package this Information in a digital form that can be read on a Computer or on the Internet, add some graphics and market this information, you’ll be amazed that a lot of people need this information that you are providing. Take Action now. If you need help on how you can create EBooks, Do CONTACT ME and I’ld make available a Copy of guides on How to create EBooks and EBook Covers, trust me your Information Marketing Business starts from there and you’ll definitely need these guides.
  5. Online Business: BULK SMS SERVICE: This is one of the most interesting ones you can go into. It involves you sending SMS(text messages) instantly to groups of people or individuals through your computer connected to the internet. You don’t even require a lot of things even if you don’t have a laptop or a computer, as long as there’s a cyber café around you then you are good to go. All you need is a good Bulk SMS Provider like SPREAD MEDIA SMS BULK SMS PORTAL where you can purchase SMS units are cheap rates. For example you buy these units for as low as N2.00 and then sell them from like N3 upwards depending on how you want to set your price. You find a target market, market your services and voila you’re ready. You have to be careful though not to purchase from some companies that have untrustworthy  and failing  platforms and the messages never get delivered. You can try SPREAD MEDIA’s SMS platform to have a feel of what sending BULK SMS is all about.

Click here: www.bulksms.spreadmediang.com

Username: spreadguest. Password: spreadguest.

You can also purchase our BULK SMS CONSULTANT GUIDE and our BULK SMS PROPOSALS to get you fully equipped on how you can become a BULK SMS CONSULTANT/RESELLER.


6.   Proposal Writing:Proposal Writing is a good money making venture that needs your creative Skill to be up and running.I’m not saying you should write crazy things of low value and sell to people, you’ll only be damaging yourself. If you know deep within you that you are gifted in this,great…simply turn it into a money making venture.

7.   Party Planner
8.   Corporate Cleaning Service: This is another money making venture

9.   Mobile Phone/Computer Repairs

10.  Catering Services


I would stop here for a while to let you digest what you have read here………The Second Part of this will be up in no time.




Titilayo Ama

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